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Select A Reliable International Shipping Company

May 31, 2008
Ensuring the safety of your furry friends is obviously at the top of everyone's list when shipping pets to a new destination. Being that we are dealing with live creatures here, your local international shipping company will have a lot more rules and regulations for you to adhere to.

First you will have to select a reliable international shipping company of good reputation to transport your precious cargo. You will find many listings through a search engine online or in your local yellow pages.

General rules for transporting animals:

1. You will need to present the original health certificate verified by your vet, stating that your pet is healthy enough to be travelling with an international shipping company. This certificate cannot be older than 10 days
2. A rabies immunization certificate will also need to be provided
3. Documents required over an above the ones mentioned here will vary from country to country, and according to what animal is being shipped, so it is best to confirm what is needed before travel
4. You will need to make an advanced reservation to transport your animal
5. Animals will need to be transported in a clean, solid, leak proof and escape proof kennel that meets stringent specifications. Confirm the specs with your international shipping company and make sure that the kennel you choose can provide enough room for your animal to move around in.
6. You will also need to provide separate food and water bowls for your pet
7. You will need to ensure that your pet is calm before transportation
8. Some transporters will not accept certain animals, like venomous snakes or aggressive animals. Sedated or tranquilised pets would also not be accepted by most international shipping companies

The above regulations also apply when transporting livestock, although might differ slightly from one shipping company to another.

The costs involved are calculated according to a few variable factors:

* The dimensions of your animal's kennel
* The weight of the kennel and animal combined
* The distance being travelled
* What type of service you select from your international shipping company

There are a few choices that your shipping agent can provide you, with regards to service options. For example, priority service would be the quickest and thus the least uncomfortable for your animal, but probably also the most expensive. Discuss all the available options and the implications of each before making your final decision.

Quarantine restrictions apply in several countries worldwide. Again, your international shipping company will be able to furnish you with full details and requirements for your particular destination. Be prepared that you might need to leave your animal in quarantine for a few months after arriving at your destination.

Most importantly, make sure that your pet's travel container is clearly marked with your details, and that they are wearing up to date identification tags before sending them off on their journey.
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