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International Shipping Company Overseas Or Localy

May 31, 2008
Before deciding to ship furniture using an international shipping company, it is important to note that it is an extremely costly affair. Whether you are shipping overseas or into the neighbouring country, costs involved are high. The item or items you wish to ship should be of extensive sentimental or financial value otherwise it is not really worth your while.

When searching for an international shipping company, you will find that there are many to choose from, and numerous listings can be found in the yellow pages under the following headers:

* Freight Forwarders
* Movers
* Shipping Agents

If at all possible, try and get a recommendation from a friend or from your furniture supplier as to which international shipping company to use. Often furniture dealers will have a reputable transport source with which they constantly do business. If you are buying an item that you wish to transport back home, it might be a good idea to get the shop owner to package and ship it for you using their services on hand.

There are two main shipping methods, namely:

* Freight Shipping
* White Glove Moving

Freight shipping is the cheapest method and would involve your furniture being placed in a container and transported by an international shipping company either by land, sea or air.

White Glove Moving is a more personalised option that offers door to door service and includes the packing of your furniture and the loading of it onto and off of the carrier. This option is far more expensive but decreases the amount of stress involved for you.

As mentioned above, there are some hefty costs involved when using an international shipping company to transport your furniture. It is advisable to get a few quotes before making your decision on which one to use.

The fees payable are calculated in a number of ways:

* Weight of your furniture
* The dimensions of each item or box
* Distance the furniture is to be shipped
* Whether you will need it packaged or not
* Pick up and delivery costs

If you can do the packaging and deliver the goods to the international shipping company yourself, then you will more than likely save a lot more.

Some tips to remember when packaging your furniture:

* If any of your furniture can be disassembled, then do so before packaging the items. This minimises the space used up and will prevent it from breaking during transit
* Double box any valuable or breakable items using a cushioned layer between the two boxes to ensure that they remain intact
* Make sure you take out insurance on your furniture to be shipped

Be aware that there are many companies who don't care whether your goods arrive intact, on time or in the right place. So choosing the right international shipping company is the most important decision you are going to make in this process.
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