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Internet Marketing vs The 40-40-40 Plan - Can Internet Marketing Help To Replace This Way Of Life?

May 31, 2008
If you are like most people you are at one point or another in living the 40x40x40 plan. If you have never heard of this plan before, don't feel bad. This way of life is so deeply ingrained in western world living that we are living it without ever giving it a second thought. What exactly is the 40x40x40 plan.

Most people put it this way. You work 40 hours a week-For 40 years-To receive a 40% a pay reduction (retirement). I know, it doesn't sound very good. This way of life took hold in the early 1900's along with the industrial revolution. Prior to that time most people owned there own small businesses to make a living. In my opinion we are seeing the break-down of this system, at least in the United States.

Because of the globalization of the worlds economies American business are faced with some choices. Get rid of every middle-class job possible, if not all of them, by moving your business overseas where labor cost are a fraction of what they are in the U.S., or stand up for U.S. workers and find a way to keep more jobs in the U.S. I don't have to tell you which choice is taken most often. Somehow American ingenuity and patriotism don't work when it comes to this subject.

Anyway 100's of thousands of jobs have been lost in recent years with no end in sight. I happen to know a couple of wealthy people and I like to get around them and just listen. It can be very revealing. I ask one of them how the U.S. would sustain itself with little to no middle-class? After all, they are the people who repeatedly buy most of the goods and services to drive the economy. His answer was, with new economies like India and China, we won't need Americans to buy as much as in years past.

He said that Americans will still have to buy certain necessities, but we will no longer be depending solely on the U.S. middle class. I get a general sense when I am around these people that so called middle-class America is toast. They seem to feel that the middle class is making too much money that could be in their pockets. This feeling I get seems to be correct consider the fact that the rich are getting a lot richer fast! While the middle class is disappearing.

It is said that there will be three different classes in the near future. The super rich, the rich and the working poor. Yes the middle class will be the working poor. Even if you think you make a good salary you will find yourself unable to enjoy life now and plan/save for the future. Why? The cost of the things you NEED in life is going to take more and more of your money. Heating and air conditioning your home, putting gas in your car, food etc.

You Have To Find A Way Out Of The System

Internet marketing or home based business is a great option. I have taken full advantage of this opportunity. The problem with the internet marketing world is the people that are marketing products to teach you internet marketing. I have been involved for almost a year now and I spent about six months of that buying programs that only gave me piece-mill information. I finally figured out that a lot of people are making there living selling incomplete products on purpose.

This is how it works. You buy a product and opt in the sellers email list at the same time, giving them a way of contacting you. The product is incomplete, it has some good information, but not enough for you to succeed at internet marketing. You receive another email and another email from this person to build trust. They then offer you another product to compliment the first. You realize that you have to invest in your business so you buy it.

This continues until you get tired of it,you quit internet marketing, or you are broke. I am not proud of the fact that I was a victim of this process. One day it just hit me I took a look at all the junk I had purchased and started my internet marketing business over. What did I do?

I joined a online community teaching internet. I can't tell you strongly enough how different this world is from being out there on your own. The forum alone is worth the monthly fee. ($39.99) I found more honest,complete,concise information on this site than I did with all the products I purchased. They have a eight week starter plan for you to follow. You are not strung along or constantly asked to purchase something further. The web hosting is free,the site building tool is free, the expert to novice forum advice is free, the internet marketing tool-kit is included, and they are constantly adding features.

For me at least, it made internet marketing doable, while saving me from the vultures out there. Yes, internet marketing is real, but please don't go through what I did. Join a community on day one. You can always cancel you unsubscribe if you are not satisfied or just quit. I promise you will be inspired by the open sharing of information in the community

Just Begin....if you are tired of the 40x40x40 plan, or you love your job but have no idea what the company is going to do. Start your internet marketing career now. But do it without the cost and headache that I went through. Join a community. Thanks for taking the time to read this. God bless the American worker.(and all workers of the world!)
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