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Don't Start Internet Marketing Alone

May 31, 2008
In today"s economy, the transition is on. If you are a American worker, and you haven't already been told to go home or work harder for less pay, your day is probably coming. I know you don't think so, I didn't either. I was trying to gauge things by how well the company seemed to be doing on the surface; not knowing all the time that the true agenda was being formed by numbers that almost no employees ever sees.

Anyway I'm on my own now and Internet Marketing is my financial vehicle. The reason I am writing this article is to help good people looking to reinvent there means of making money.from taking the long route to Internet Marketing success.

When I started over a year ago, I had just lost my job and at the same time realized the reality of the game. The middle class is toast! When you hear of 1000's of people losing there jobs its not a mistake. The plan is for three classes to remain. The super rich, the rich and the working poor, period! Now I can just hear some of you well trained college educated people saying "but I have a degree" I have played by all the rules. Well, college grad-whenever the timing is right in this transition process, your job will be going to another country that will do the work for a fraction of the cost. Look around in your industry; I guarantee it has already started.

Internet Marketing is a Good Solution:

Internet Marketing is awesome because no-one can control what you do on a daily basis. The amounts of potential income are unlimited. You need very little to start. But here is the catch!. There are a lot of people taking advantage of the state of mind created by the above explained situation. They are basically marketing bits and pieces of internet marketing information to this very eager crowd; knowing that they will continue to buy incomplete product after incomplete product until they get frustrated enough to quit.

I went through this cycle except for the quit part. I wasted crazy amounts of money and time on teaser materials. They give you just enough info. to sale you something else. These people have no idea how powerful it is to help a person change there life for real. That is, give them the information and tools they are looking for. I finally figured out that most of these marketers have a lack and limitation problem. They don't really believe there is enough for everyone. So they actually try to limit what they tell you.

Join A Internet Marketing Membership Community First:

I finally ran across a concept that I did not even know existed; a internet marketing community site! Just picture this for a minute.

A forum with members bouncing questions and answers back and forth, from newbies to experts. (including the founders)

All the marketing tools you will ever need. Free web hosting, A site building tool is included.

A 8-week step-by-step starter course. (You just follow along)

This community of people help each other along the way at all levels, and they are not trying to sell you anything!

The frustration was finally lifted from me when I found this community. I could tell just by the forum that these people had no agenda. I couldn't believe it at first. So, I mean it when I say "Don't Try Internet Marketing Alone" you will probably fail, before you find enough good honest un-bais information to succeed.
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