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The Benefits of a Benefits Driven Headline With Specificity

Aug 17, 2007
Often the most powerful headlines are those that include some specific benefit within them while simultaneously peaking the interest of the reader as to what may be inside the article.

Let's look at the following as an example...

"5 Secrets to Doubling Your List In 90 Days"

This headline includes both a benefit statement and specificity.

Specificity in included in three ways, the number of secrets (5), the benefit of doubling your list (specifically says what it will do), and specifically in what period of time (90 days).

Now if you were a reader who was interested in building a list, do you think this headline would get your attention? I think it would.

Remember the purpose of a headline is to stop the reader (or scanner) dead in their tracks and pull them into reading the article or other form of copy.

Lets assume you are an Internet marketer or small business owner and have the desire to increase the size of your mailing list (either email or snail mail). You are scanning a newspaper, journal or magazine looking for something interesting to read.

Your eyes fall upon the following three article headlines:

Headline # 1: "How To Grow Your List"

Headline # 2: "5 Secrets to Doubling Your List In 90 Days"

Headline # 3: "The Importance Of Growing A List"

Which one do you think you would turn to read first?

In this case both the first and second headlines contain a benefit statement, but the second headline includes specificity which the first does not.

Under the above scenario, I believe that the reader would read the article associated with headline 2 first, then since headline one also includes a benefit statement (implies that it will reveal methods, techniques, strategies, or tactics on how to grow you list, which is something you would like to know), the reader would read the first article if he or she had enough time available to read both. While the article associated with headline three would probably get passed over.

Why would article three get passed over, you ask? Well, it is boring. It implies that it will simply tell you something that you most probably already know, given the scenario, so why waste your time reading what you feel is already obvious.

Additionally, headlines one and two are in the active voice, which is more powerful that the passive voice.

Takeout: Include a benefit statement in your headline with as much specificity as possible and watch your sales skyrocket.
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George Dodge often uses Headline Creator Pro, a headline generating software, to speed up the headline brainstorming and creating process. It quickly and easily creates 100 headlines designed to draw your visitors into your sales copy.
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