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Smart Affiliate Marketers Create Multiple Income Streams...

May 31, 2008
You may have read the words "multiple streams of income" before. Have you realized the full benefits of having multiple streams of income? Many business people in online, or offline business, use this concept. Successful investors also use this principle. So why is it that so many newbies get so excited about an internet affiliate marketing program and become blinkered toward that program only?

There are no guarantees with even a great affiliate program. You could spend lots of time and money building up a handy source of income, only to find that the site providing you with the products is shut down for any number of reasons, including legal reasons. Suddenly your income stops.

There are some "affiliate gurus" out there who say it is possible to have a successful affiliate business without your own website. Yes it is possible and if you want to test the waters of such a business then you might want to try that method. You need to also consider whether starting that way is going to delay your long term goal. That is gaining a constant stream of highly targeted, free traffic. Most experts will tell you that comes from ranking highly on the search engines, especially on the first page.

Your own website with your own unique domain name gives you the advantage of presenting any number of affiliate programs. No one program or product will appeal to everyone. So if you don't present too many opportunities, stick to a theme but have variations between the programs, then you are likely to increase your conversion rate. When you start getting sales then you are on your way to multiple streams of income. If one of the programs you are selling has trouble, an interruption to service or complete shut down, you still have others you are earning from.

Of course you need to choose the affiliate programs carefully. Choose from successful companies that have a good track record over a reasonable length of time. It is not advisable to be careless about your choice just because you plan to have many options. Your aim is still for quality of programs, not quantity. This method is simply hedging your income sources from unforseen circumstances and using the advantages of affiliate marketing to increase your income streams. There is no need to spend time on stock control, despatch or customer service hassles. You are simply referring customers to each of the companies and their websites and receiving commissions from them.

You may ask "what if the hosting service for my website gives me problems?" It is true that there are no guarantees in life about anything. It comes down to using due diligence in choosing a web hosting service. Who do you know in the computer industry who would have the knowledge to recommend a reliable, basic and cheap web hosting service? Can they recommend a source of easy to understand tutorials for building a website? You could check internet topics on forums where you will get lots of free advice if you ask the questions. Once you have started receiving profits,
you may consider setting up another website promoting the same programs but using a different webhosting service. This is the ultimate "hedging." It would be best not to commence that until you are receiving good profits on your first site and you are in a position to keep it running smoothly while starting your new site. The advantages of promoting the same programs on your second site are:-

1. You are increasing your sales figures with those companies and this may make you eligible for performance bonuses.

2. You already have the knowledge of the products or programs and you have the contacts.

3. There are far less changes required to your autoresponder emails, newsletters etc.

4. You can focus on different keywords with your second site and therefore potentially increase your share of the prospects searching for these products.

Succeeding in any business requires work. Being a successful affiliate greatly reduces a lot of the work normally associated with business, but work is still required to build and then maintain your business. This is especially true with promotion of your website and the affiliate programs. The strategies outlined in this article can help you if your long term goal is building an ever increasing business that leverages your time and income and allows you to work anywhere there is an internet connection.
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