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Leverage the Power of Your List for Maximum Profits While Selling Information Products

May 31, 2008
First let's cover what a list is, exactly. A list is when you have an opt-in form somewhere on the Internet - usually on your website where you're selling information products.

The visitor sees an offer, usually for a free ebook, report or newsletter of some sort, and he or she enters their name and email address in order to get access to the offer. The opt in box is set up to send that information to your list-building software.

Autoresponder software, such as AWeber, allows you to set up multiple lists for each of your domains. This is important when you're learning how to profit from information products because you want different lists for all of your mini-sites where you're selling your products.

Once the person is added to your list, he or she is sent an automatic email from your autoresponder with the download link to the free offer you were promoting with your information product.

Your autoresponder email must always include an 'unsubscribe link' usually at the bottom of the page. Aweber, as well as others provide this automatically, so you never have to remove anyone manually.

Most marketers use their autoresponder service to drip constant emails to their list on a daily, weekly, or bi-weekly basis. This sets the stage for backend sales of more information products. The products that you can market should all be relative to each other. You wouldn't build a list of poeple interested in 'dog training' and then turn around and send them an offer for a weight loss diet.

It's a proven fact that people buy from those that they know and trust. It also takes, on average, between 5-7 exposures to something before they will purchase. So you can see why it's crucial to your success that you start the relationship building that will be neccasary that will result in long term sales.

If this is your strategy, then you need to make sure that every email that gets sent out from your autoresponder is of high quality and value to your audience. If you're continually spamming them with sales pitches, it ruins your credibility and chances will be slim that they'll even pay much attention when you announce the launch of your next information product.

Never start off with trying to sell them something on the first or second email. Start with giving them valuable information that they will benefit from immediatly. Once they see that your not just making that sales pitch every time, they will be eager and anxious to receive you emails.

Having a list also allows you to pick the brains of your target audience to see what it is they need from you before you start working to develop new information products. Some corporations spend millions of dollars on market analysis, but a list lets you do it for free.

Once your list grows to 1000 or more, then you can start split testing your campaigns to see which ones have the greatest return. This can only be done once you have an established, loyal, responsive list of customers

Just remember when you're building a list for your information empire that you take care in treating your list with care and respect. This way, they'll stay a part of your inner circle longer and help your profits soar. And always remind them that you value them and that their information will never be shared, sold or rented to a 3rd party.
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