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Components Of Proper Business Management

May 31, 2008
Proper business management means smooth-sailing business and the latter eventually results to achieving the company's goal--profit. However, the smooth yet cohesive transition from one component to another can be hard to achieve because of ineffective and inefficient business creativity management--some of companies usually fail because of this.

There are several components of proper business management and must always be present and applied effectively in every business. These components--planning, organizing, leading, coordinating, and controlling--must function accordingly and in the manner that all the components function effective and efficiently as a whole. Else, the company will just dump itself to failure.

So, what is then meant by each of this component? Let us discuss these one by one in simplicity.

Planning- this is the first component of proper business management and it can cover setting up company's goal; its functions and objectives; its long term and short term plans and their goals.

Organizing- after planning, the next thing is organizing and this has something to do with the segmentation of all of the company's resources, specifically human resources, to their specific functions. Division of labors and resources are common in organizing with the prime of objective of figuring out a process that systematize all of the functionalities of all the components of a certain business.

Leading- In order that each segment function effectively, the concept of leading is employed. Thus, proper designations are implemented. This thing plays a vital role in business management as a whole as this will make each component functions accordingly and towards the achievement of the company's goal. Chain of command plays an important role in leading.

Coordinating- of course, without proper coordination among components or company's segments, then the company can be of severe chaos. Coordination must always be implemented so that there is a smooth transition among the processes that the company has to go through. For instance, the finance, the advertising, the human resources, the productions, the marketing department must always on proper coordinations so that everything is on its place and order.

Controlling- and the last but not the least, we have what we call controlling. This has something to do with monitoring and controlling all the outputs that the company is generating. Management of feedback from subscribers or customers play an important role. Management of feedback, modifying flaws, and then process management augmentations--these lead to perfections.

These components of business management, creativity management, must always be present in every business whether it is a work from home business or a corporate one.
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