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A 'Business In A Box' - A Good Way To Start An Affiliate Marketing Business

May 31, 2008
An easy way to start an affiliate marketing business is to find a 'Business-In-A-Box' - that is, find a program that offers multiple streams of income through affiliation with various companies whose businesses may be inter-related or complimentary to each other. All you do is sign up for the 'Business-In-A Box' and they will walk you through the process of getting signed up as an affiliate with the various businesses that are part of their program.

There are many advantages to starting a business this way:

Low Start Up Costs - Costs are usually very low, and may actually be free. As you sign up to be an affiliate for each of the companies in the program, you will see that most have different levels that you can sign up for. Usually the most basic level is free. If you choose to sign up for a higher level, you will get more benefits and make more money. It may be best just to sign up at the basic level until you are totally familiar with the companies, their products, their payment plans, etc. There may be companies where you have to spend some money to join. But I have found that most are extremely reasonable considering that your 'business-in-a-box'will help you to bring in others. And once others have signed up under you, you will begin to see profits.

Turn-Key Business - Once you have signed up and gone through the set-up process, you will be ready to go. You will most likely be set up with a website that is kept updated for you. And expect to be supplied with more advertising tools than you can handle. You will have splash pages, referral links, banners, buttons, text ads, etc. You will have some kind of 'back office' where you can manage your business and where you will be able to see your prospects. Plus, each of the affiliate businesses will probably give you a website and back office, too.

Educational Tools Provided - Most of the programs offer training to help you learn how best to make money from your business. Most have some kind of forum where you can exchange ideas and learn from others. Some programs offer free bonuses like downloadable e-books and videos. Some have training videos. Remember, the people who have designed the program want you to succeed because then they make more money. So they will usually work very hard to help you to be successful.

Low Risk - You might risk losing a little money, and of course your time spent, if you decide to walk away from your business. You might risk losing friends if you badger them about joining. Otherwise, there really is no risk.

Potential for Significant Income - If you stick it out and don't expect to get rich overnight, you can build a business that can provide you with a significant residual income. Remember that you can increase your potential earnings by advertising each individual company as well as your program.

Take the time to learn about each of the businesses you sign up for. The more you know about each individual company, the easier it will be for you to market it. Recruits to one of the individual businesses can then be exposed to the benefits of the 'business-in-a-box.'

Take advantage of all the educational and training provided by your program and by the companies you sign up with. Don't let yourself get overwhelmed by the learning process, but learn the basics of internet marketing as you work your affiliate marketing business. Over time you will learn to increase traffic to your website. Having the best website and the best program won't benefit you financially until you can attract visitors to your site and share the business opportunity with them. So find a program that appeals to you and then invest the time and effort into making that business work. Learn to enjoy the process if you want to reap more financial benefits.
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