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Entrepreneur Kings - Queens And Business Nations

May 31, 2008
Business is an amazing topic. But, is business like nations? Are business men and woman the kings and queens that we have seen in the past? Some businesses do amass such revenue that it dwarfs many countries total GDP! Join me as we take a look at whether entrepreneurs are kings and queens and if there businesses are like nations.

A king or queen used to run the country - there nation. They would rule, and have control over many. Though this was the case, people did have a choice whether they wanted to stay or go. These kings would have its people and the country would produce revenue.

Today kings and queens are not as popular as in yester year. There are no new borders and nations springing up. Though a few new countries maybe formed and even some new kings and queens come to the world, there it is not a trend that in the future there will be more!

So, with this basis the borders, the status of people is pretty much going to be same. The question comes - with that thirst for leadership, and doing things, what vent is available? I believe this vent today is in the form of businesses.

Take a look. If we take for example a business such as Wal-Mart, we find a revenue of $378.80 billion in 2007. This is same as some nations produce; in fact it is more than some of the smallest nations. Next we turn to the amount of employers. This business has 2.1 million (2008) employees. This kind of figure is like a nation. Imagine that!

More examples are Microsoft which produces Microsoft Windows and Exxon-Mobile which delivers petroleum to all, all around the world. These figures from these companies are also amazing. For example Exxon-Mobile had revenues of $404.552 billion with over 106,000 employees. Again this level is a level which many countries of the world wish for! Microsoft has 79,000 employees.

Businesses also act like kings and queens in there sense of operation. They have to do diplomacy! They have to negotiate and create synergistic partnerships with other corporations.

Some countries (whoops I meant companies!) get eaten by the competition, some eat the competition, and others can work in harmony with there fellow bordering companies. There is a lot of pun with this topic, and it is interesting how they go together.

Dictating business men and woman generally don't last a long time in business, same as terrible leaders of nations. Good leaders lead good companies and they grow, and grow. Pretty much like countries.

As you sit on your office throne! Remember that as a king or queen, you are a leader. You must benefit the people, and this includes your employees, your customers, and everyone else who is connected with your business.
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