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International Auto Shipping To Australia

May 31, 2008
Living on an island is living on an island, regardless of size, right? Australia may be a continent and much larger than Hawaii, but it's still an island so life wouldn't change for me that much, would it?
My brother said that I was trading Classic Coke for New Coke.

I retorted that I was moving my life to Hawaii and that Australia wasn't such hot stuff. We had had the same argument daily, pretty much, since he had found out my plan to leave my arid part of Down Under for sandy beaches and gorgeous sunsets.
What did I have to lose? I worked on a computer, virtually assisting people online. I could be anywhere and do my job.

I just wanted the opportunity to do it in flip-flops and shorts in a different cultural climate. Was that so wrong? I would be paying a fortune to get myself there, sure, but I was sure that it would be worth it in the long run.

Let's see, hire movers, get in touch with an international auto shipper, find out which documents would allow shipping to Hawaii from Australia without paying too much, pack I was less stressed about these details now that I had actually made the decision. No one was waiting for me, so I was at my leisure.

The saving grace in all this was that shipping cars to Hawaii from Australia really wasn't too big a deal. It was converting the car's steering column to the other side that would be pricey. I cringed when I discovered that.

Fortunately, the car was newer and that was the only modification that had to be made. It even passed inspection. Just pay those taxes and duties and relearn how to drive, said the international auto shipping company rep. Uh huh Just like that.
Shipping my life to Hawaii from Australia, now there's a different matter, I told the international auto shipper.

It was his turn to stare blankly. They're not warm fuzzies, those guys. But I continued. Shipping anything to Hawaii from Australia is just money, right? Nod. So that's the bottom line. Then, when it's all said and done, I'll have a new life to explore. I can't wait. International auto shipper dude smiled wanly and who wouldn't agreed.
So I eventually got to that place.

The international auto shipper had my car and I had a piece of paper telling me when it was arriving and an extra key just in case. I threw it some good wishes and happy sailings. I hoped that it had a safe journey. I had managed to organize and ship to Hawaii from Australia my entire life that didn't need to get thrown away anyway.
Bring on that sunset!
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