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International Auto Shipping To Israel

May 31, 2008
There are many points to consider when using international auto shipping to import your car into Israel. This helpful guide will point you in the right direction, as well as give you insight into what is required of you before you actually make your move.

Using our online form will put you in touch with international auto shipping agents worldwide, and you will certainly find one in your vicinity. They can provide you with a no obligation free quote so that you can get an idea of how much this venture is going to cost you in money and time.

Before you get further involved, there are some factors you need to consider and to be made aware of. Conditions for importing your car using international auto shipping vary according to your status in Israel. You must also be aware of the varying rules and regulations that stipulate whether or not you can ship a car into the country. Once you can see where you fit in, you will know what is required of you. This can be confirmed with custom's officials, but here are some basic overall guidelines:

General rules for shipping cars into Israel:

* The car must be registered in your name and must have a clean title
* You must first apply to the Ministry of Transport, and get approval from them for the entry of your particular vehicle
* You will need to supply a letter from the car manufacturer stating that it is possible to receive parts from them whilst in Israel. It is not compulsory to buy from this supplier, but essential to have the confirmation.

Documents required when shipping cars into Israel:

* You will need to provide your driver's license
* You will need an Israeli driver's license too and should apply for one at least 3 months before entering the country
* You will need all original import documents
* You will need insurance documents note that the car needs to be insured before entering the country
* Original receipt of purchase
* Documents from the Ministry of Transport stating that your car is fit for entry

You can use international auto shipping to import a car from any country within 3 years of Israeli citizenship. Current Israeli citizens are able to import cars of up to 2 years old. If you are a returning Israeli citizen who has not been living in the country, you may import a car of up to 4 years old, within 3 months of your arrival back into Israel. If you are a tourist, you can import a car into the country for a 3 month period. Another 3 month extension can be applied for, but after 6 months the car must leave the country.

With international auto shipping into any country, you will need to pay some form of duty or tax.

Taxes and duties payable:

* All imported goods are taxable. The owner of the vehicle will need to pay VAT (Value Added Tax). The VAT figure is based on a calculation of the car's individual tax rate and the value of the car.
* Tourists do not pay tax on the vehicle's they bring into the country for their 3 to 6 month period
* Taxes payable vary according to your status
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