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International Auto Shipping To Hawaii

May 31, 2008
My co-workers and colleagues were so sweet. They gave me parting gifts and hugs and wished me well in my travels. I could tell what they were feeling: envy so green that they could hardly remain upright. I was shipping myself to Hawaii from Europe and was so excited I could hardly stand myself.

I was smug enough to be a royal pain the last couple of weeks, so I couldn't really blame them. They were staying behind in the cold and wet; I was moving out into the sunshine.

There was so much to do and I was tingling to do it. I had to get my stuff moved. I had to get my car shipped to Hawaii from Europe and had no idea what it took. And I had to make sure my personal papers were in order. In a sense, I was an American coming home; and had every plan to overshoot the mainland by quite a bit.

International auto shipping companies are premier. They are an interesting group and I'm so glad that I found one that was reliable. The money was worth it; and they took a ton. There were taxes to pay, duties, the bill itself I was happy that I had never converted my car's steering column to the right side. Who knew? And that would have meant more money, the international auto shipping rep said. I breathed a sigh. At least one fee wouldn't stick to me.

I had sent packages to a friend on Hawaii, but never had been there myself. How does shipping your life to Hawaii from Europe differ, I wonder, from going the other direction? Do I just buy the flip-flops and the Hawaiian shirt and that's it? I'm Hawaiian? I know that going the other direction it hadn't been that easy. Asking an international auto shipper these questions isn't the right way to go about getting answers.

They are diplomats, most the time. I got a sympathetic smile and no insights.
Shipping to Hawaii from Europe consists of several things. Duties, taxes, and patience are the most important. Forms correctly filled out and filed with the international auto shipping company and the movers so that customs has a handle on you is also important. Packing things tightly, taping the crap out of it, and labeling things so clearly it hurts. All these are important.

But important flies out the window when you're standing at your new friend's side, the rep at the international auto shippers docks, and watching your car getting crated. Goodbye, friend, and don't get too beat up. Shipping you to Hawaii from Europe wasn't up to you; it'll be fine.
So say I.
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