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Viral Words and Viral Traffic Mean Viral Sales

May 31, 2008
Viral words are another way of demonstrating that your site content is truly king. It is a concept that great copywriters have known for a long time. Great ad copy compels the reader to do something, buy the product. Viral words in your website content work in the same way, they compel your visitor to do something, pass along your message. If you are able to do this you will be able to turn viral words into viral traffic and if you are a merchant this means viral sales.

For great sales you will need a marketing campaign that will attract visitors to your website. Once there your content will have to sell the product to those visitors. If you can accomplish a good sales record and induce your visitors to pass on the message on your website you are hitting two goals with one well written piece of content.

If your content is going to accomplish these two goals you will have to find content that is engaging and perhaps a little bit amusing. People always love to pass on some great information that answers their questions and also gives them a bit of entertainment at the same time. Article writing software is just not up to the challenge. When you read material that has been produced by this software it is very clear that no human being wrote this material.

When you are trying to write good content for your website, keep your audience in mind. If your website is about a particular topic then you should learn everything you can about the people that would be interested in that topic. Knowing your audience is the key to good writing. People tend to pass along content that is funny. If you can add an element of humor to your content it will more than likely be passed along.

If you find that you can't write content that is of the quality you want for your website, then enlist the aid of a writer. There are plenty available online. Just post an ad on any of the job boards online and you are sure to get more responses than you can handle. Check through the samples they provide and select someone to write your website's content.

Viral words must be used to direct the visitor to pass along the information once they have read it. Forums are great opportunities to get your content read and passed along by a lot of viewers. The social networking sites are also great opportunities to get your message out and generate some viral traffic to your site.
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