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International Auto Shipping Into Canada

May 31, 2008
Looking for assistance with regards to shipping cars to Canada? Look no further! Everything you need to know about international auto shipping into Canada is right here. There are many rules and regulations instilled by the Canada Customs and Revenue Agency that need to be taken into account, fees that need to be paid, and forms that need to be completed, all of which you will find listed on this page.

In addition to that, you are also able to receive free quotes from many different International Auto Shipping Companies, located in many varying vicinities. The quotes are non binding and would be a good place to start.

But before you begin, here are some rules you need to be made aware of:

* Cars shipped to Canada have to have been purchased in either America or Mexico within the last 15 years
* The car needing to be shipped must have been made and equipped for North American territory and must be of current year
* Certain models of cars are not accepted for international auto shipping into Canada, and will need to be cleared with the Canada Customs and Revenue Agency before they will be regarded as fit for entry
* Certain alterations might need to be made before transport is accepted. These alterations must meet the criterion set out by the Canada Motor Vehicle Safety Act
* Duty and tax on the car must be up to date before it is considered
* All documentation for the vehicle must be available on hand for submission

If all of the above principles are met, you will find that your journey through international auto shipping is uncomplicated and stress free. Failing to meet these points will result in your request being declined.

Fees involved:

* Please note that there are a number of fees involved when considering international auto shipping to Canada
* The RIV (Registrar of Imported Vehicles) fee and excise tax are the primary fees and are compulsory
* Excise tax will vary according to your vehicle

Forms needed:

Before proceeding further with the paying of your fees and duties with the Canada Customs and Revenue Agency, make sure that the appropriate forms are filled out and that the relevant documentation required for international auto shipping are attached.

* Vehicle Import Form I:

This form must be submitted to the Customs Authority, along with the vehicle's original receipt of purchase and the documents detailing the origin of the shipment. Payment of fees and duty would then need to be made and the document will be stamped reflecting clearance. From here, the clearance figures will be sent to the RIV who will forward Vehicle Import Form II.

* Vehicle Import Form II:

This form needs to be completed by and presented to the Federal Inspection at Canadian Tire. Provided your documentation is in order and all the requirements set out above have been met, your submission will be filed as successful.

Bear in mind that the import rules for international auto shipping will vary according to each model, make and age of car as well as where the vehicle was purchased. After digesting all the above information you might want to start getting some free quotes using the online form. Good Luck!
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