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Managing Your AdWords - Utilizing E-Mails

May 31, 2008
Get your customers to stay with you three times as long by using email correctly. Email is the most personal way to contact someone on the internet. Using email you can build trust and create and a whole business based on your personality, and sell to your clients repeatedly.

Discussions about AdWords are not complete without talking about how to make a lasting relationship out of that costly fraction-of-a-second click. When a person clicks on your Google ad, you are charged fifty cents no matter what happens next. If that person stays on your page less than 5 seconds, he is out of there and you most likely won't see him again without another costly click.

Holy Cow! At fifty cents for 5 seconds of time, that figures out to be Six hundred dollars an hour. That could depress you if you look at it that way. But, if you can get this guy's email address, you can have correspondence with him regularly for no significant additional cost. If you have a One thousand dollar item to sell what is more likely for you to get from him: a One thousand dollar order or his email address?

When your sales process is more involved, there is a greater need to divide it into more manageable steps.

The Power Of Your E-Mail Lies In Being Personal

Run-of-the-mill advertisers have little respect for the personal nature of e-mail. They don't realize how easy it is to turn off otherwise receptive prospects to their message, just by violating that.

It is essential to write as an individual. The exception is, if you are writing to someone who is a part of a group where each member knows the other members. Otherwise always compose your emails on a personal vein. Speak to your client, one person.

1. A "From" Field that Shows You're a Real Person

It is likely that if the person-to-person style was effective in the body of your email, than it will also be effective in other aspects of your email. For instance, in your "from". Think about the different feelings these "from" lines evoke:

Bill Kastl

William Kastl

William D. Kastl

Nakatomi Corporation

William D. Kastl, Nakatomi Corporation

Nakatomi Sales Department

Bill Kastl, Nakatomi Sales

Be genial and intimate while avoiding the "spam" look. This can be challenging because people who create spam always try to give their messages the appearance of a message from a familiar friend. The solution is to include an item so pointed to their individual interests that a spammer could not have thought it up.

Select a "from" field that will cement your customers to you.

2. A Provocative Subject Line

The key aspect of email is that the success or failure of it is all about settings. The subject line of your e-mail works not because they adhere to copywriting rules and formulas, but because it highlights the particular interests of a specific set of people at the right time.

If you were shown a common a common cross section of e-mail subject lines, you would find it impossible to distinguish them from spam. Therefore we need to talk about a subject you comprehend: Google AdWords

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Google's 'Don't Be Evil' and all that

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These headlines do not assault the reader with cheesy-sounding promos, but they do hint very strongly at a story. They provoke curiosity rather than scaring people off.
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