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Adwords Tactics: Restructure Your Ads Groups Today!

May 31, 2008
Google Adwords is an incredible method for garnering high-quality traffic to your site almost instantly, but it does have a considerable learning curve to it...

...What a ton of pressure when it's your business funds that are being spent!

So, here's some quick advice from a seasoned veteran of the Adwords marketing game, and an easy way to increase your ROI on Adwords:

A crucial element of Adwords account is how well you have your Adgroups organized.

Don't fall prey to the "rookie" mistake of only creating one or two adgroups per campaign and then stuffing them with hundreds, or thousands, of keywords.

Don't do this, it's begging for trouble!

Trouble in that this is like giving Google permission to "gouge" you, and you'll end up paying way more per click, suffer from lower CTR's due to poor relevance of your ads, and most likely be nailed with poor quality scores.

Always remember, "relevance" is key on Adwords!

And since it's impossible to write ads that are targeted, specific and "relevant" for hundreds of different keywords all in the same adgroup, you need to "break out" keywords into their own adgroups.

For high-traffic keywords, this could mean one keyword (with the three different match types, broad, phrase and exact) per adgroup, and that's it!

Even for lower traffic keywords, have no more than 15 to 21 keywords per adgroup.

After you spend some time "breaking out" the keywords into fresh adgroups, notice how much easier it is to write extremely focused ads, including the keyword as much as possible in the ads.

Your CTRs will instantly raise across the board, along with lowering your per click cost!
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Need to optimize or "fix" your Adwords & PPC campaigns? Kirt Christensen manages over $600k in PPC spending & knows what it takes to make your account hum! When it comes to pay per click management services, he's the man!
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