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AdWords Campaign Management - Wrong and Right

May 31, 2008
Most mistakes people make in their Google AdWords campaign managements are pretty common, and 90 percent of Google campaigns can be greatly improved with less than an hour of effort. You can save yourself hundreds, thousands, even tens of thousands of dollars in the hour you spend following our instructions in this article.

And what is the top ranking mistake made by folks in Google campaign management? The big culprit is improper organization of their campaign. If ads and keywords are poorly organized you will have inefficient campaigns and higher advertising costs.

When your campaign is organized right you will get the effect you are looking for right off and adjustments and optimization are a snap. This will make all the difference over the long haul.

In a utopian world everytime someone typed in a keyword you would have the perfect ad for that keyword. With all those different keywords, you have a unique ad for each one. Say you have two thousand keywords, then you would need to write two thousand ads.

However we don't live in an optimum world. We can get a good result by clustering keywords that are alike with an appropriate ad.

Ad groups are the most basic unit of your ad campaign that has both keywords and ads. The campaign is the broad topic containment for these ads. You will need to have more than one adgroup in your one ad campaign.

In one Google account, you can have nearly unlimited campaigns. You may be selling many different services on completely different topics, at totally different websites. All from your one Google account.

The way you divide up your campaigns is your choice, but the in which you divide up your ad groups is not. There is the right way and the wrong way to do it.

Most beginners set up their campaigns to look something like this:

Smith's Telecommunications

Vital Solutions for

All Your Voice Mail Needs


So goes their ad, and then their keywords looking something like this:

auto attendant

business telephone systems

call management systems

voice mail

voice mail equipment

voice mail service

voice mail systems

At that point the visitors are all sent to the same landing page with various links to pages called 'Services', 'Equipment', 'FAQ', 'About Us', 'Contact Us', and so forth. So what is wrong with that way of managing AdWords?

Number one is the variety in the keyword list is too wide. Each of those words should be put into its own adgroup adding in a shortlist of similar keywords/phrases.

The ad doesn't match the keywords, and it can't, because there are too many different kinds of keywords in the group.

Putting your business name in the headline is a major mistake for nearly every business including Smith Telecommunications. This will make your click through rate really low and therefore you will have a very high bid price.

This ad appears to be about Smith Telecommunications, probably not what the clients are looking for. You should customize your ad to address what your clients are looking for.

When searching for 'voice mail service' a person wants to go to a page whose topic is voice mail service. Likewise someone looking for equipment will want one on voice mail equipment not voice mail services. By making someone scour your page for the information they want you are making them work too hard and they may leave before they find what they are looking for.

By creating a specific layout of your keywords and adgroups initially, you will be able to make these adjustments more easily. Using www.wordtracker.info or http://inventory.overture.com, categorize your keywords into neat and closely related adgroups. Something like this:

Voice Mail Services (adgroup)

voice mail provider

voice mail service

voice mail service provider

voice mail services

Voice Mail System (adgroup)

voice mail systems

voice mail systems for realtors

telemarketing and voice mail systems

phone systems voice mail

home office voice mail systems

home office telephone voice mail systems

Auto Attendant (adgroup)

answering attendant auto system

auto attendant voice mail services

auto attendant

auto attendant phone system

auto attendant software

auto attendant system

auto attendant voice mail

phone auto attendant

Before assembling these into a campaign, serious thought (and work) should be given to negative keywords. These are some keywords for "Voice Mail Software".

voice mail software

voice mail business software

voice mail software for panasonic

voice mail broadcasting software

voice mail business software

multiple voice mail software

mac voice mail software

multi-line voice mail system software vru

norstar voice mail software

software to record voice mail

free voice mail software

Visitors looking for something free are probably not going to buy from you. Does you company even do voice broadcasting. What about things related to Macintosh computers. These words would comprise your list of negative keywords when you add a minus sign to the front of them. Your list would then appear this way:

voice mail software

voice mail business software

voice mail software for panasonic

voice mail business software

multiple voice mail software

multi-line voice mail system software vru

norstar voice mail software

software to record voice mail

Negative Keywords:






So when you set up your ad campaigns, each one of these keyword lists is going to go into a different group with its own set of ads.
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