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Setting Up A Limited Liability Company (LLC)

Jun 1, 2008
What is a limited liability company? This type of company is a business entity that is inexpensive and easy to create. An LLC is a lawful corporate entity that establishes ownership to each member of the LLC according to percentages. The protection you receive by setting up a limited liability company is worth the little paperwork and time involved to set it all up.

Regulations are almost non-existent with an LLC - one of the reasons this type of business setup is so popular and practical for a wide range of businesses. The less hassles you have to deal with, the better. It will be much easier to run your business if you don't have to deal with too many bureaucratic problems or ridiculous amounts of paperwork.

A limited liability company has many advantages over other corporate entities, especially for smaller businesses and startups. First of all, you don't have to spend a lot of money to run a company as an LLC.

Another reason many people decide to create a limited liability company is to avoid a large amount of taxation. An LLC is not taxed as an entity. Instead, the members are taxed according to the percentage of the company that they own. This is an advantage for several reasons.

For one, startups always lose money, but if you form as a limited liability company the prorated portion of the loss goes on your personal tax return. In the event that you have no personal income, you can choose to either roll the loss forward to offset income you make in the future, or apply the loss retroactively over your past three tax returns.

This type of taxation reduces your adjusted gross income and could grant you a much-needed refund. For many new companies, this can be very helpful. A limited liability company is superior to other business entities for tax reasons alone. With other corporations, the company as a whole is taxed, which means you pay tax on all income - you'll pay personal income tax on your own earnings and for the company. Double taxation can get very expensive.

An LLC formation is beneficial in many different circumstances, no matter what the business. The only time it doesn't work well is if you plan on having shareholders, as outside investors can't always invest in a limited liability corporation. An LLC formation, however, works in a whole host of circumstances and is applicable to most small businesses and startups.

If you want to form an LLC, it's not a difficult process to undergo. To form an LLC, your company doesn't require a large investment of capital and the procedure is fairly simple. A limited liability corporation provides protection for a new company and lowers taxation amounts. Legally, it's considered a legitimate business formation and will make it easier for you to run all aspects of your business efficiently and competently.

There are other business entities that you can form, but for most people a limited liability company provides all the benefits that are needed to operate their business on a daily basis and save money in the process.
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