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I Hate to Write Articles - Is There An Easier Way?

Ginger Coleen
Jun 1, 2008
Running and developing an internet business requires fresh content for your site on a regular basis. Daily if possible. Fresh content articles lures your prospects to your site by quenching their thirst for information and knowledge.

So what are your options if you simply hate to write?

To begin, if you don't want to hire someone to do it for you, you can obtain free articles online. Public domain articles are available for anyone to use. And, you don't need to worry about copyright issues with public domain articles.

Public domain writings are simply expired copyrights. When a work is originally copyrighted, the copyright only lasts for a specified period of time. If the copyright isn't extended, usually when an author dies, then it simply expires. Then the writing is placed in the public domain. These are articles or writings that were once published works and so the English and grammar should be very good. You may need to check copyright laws in the country in which you reside for more information.

The flipside of using public domain articles is that your competition may also be using them. But you should be able to verify this easily enough in the search engines. You may have to edit them a little in order to put your keywords and phrases in appropriately. Additionally, be sure that they pertain to your niche topic.

Another way to get free articles is to allow other sites which have similar content to submit articles to your site. Most bloggers today do utility posting which is exactly this. They use content from other blogs and give the blog a trackback (link).

Now, some people might think WAIT A MINUTE - I don't want to put links to other sites on my site! But, if that's what you're thinking, you're a bit behind the times, I'm afraid. If you've ever heard the term Web 2.0 that's really what it's all about. Even Google knows this and is now serving up pages with the most popularity based on the number of links to and from a site and, of course, a lot of other things too. But social populariaty is REALLY important!!!

So, begin to share as many links as you can and don't think you need to keep all those links to yourself.

But, here's the gold nugget in all of this and why I'm writing to you today. There are also a lot of article sharing services popping up online. I recently joined one and not only do they send my "unique" articles to about 700 sites each time I submit one, but I also subscribe to the service and get as many unique articles each day as I need. And, you don't have to write articles if you only want to receive articles.

It's not expensive and well worth the small monthly fee for the number of links I'm seeing in Google on a daily basis. It's absolutely the greatest method Im aware of to help share links and obtain unique content regularly. It's very easy to post to all of my blog sites now. I choose how many articles to receive each day as well as the categories, and, I choose whether or not to put them on my blog. After all, not everyone can write good content! Cruddy writing gets deleted.

Just one more thing I also want to point out as far as where to get good content for your articles. There are many sites online that offer what are called Private Label Articles that you can publish and take credit for yourself. You can even rewrite them if you like. In fact, that's how this article came about. I have no problem writing, but by using a PLR article to start with, the ideas flow easier and I don't have to come up with all original content.
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