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Paid To Take Survey : Reimbursement Options

Jun 1, 2008
It is important to most people who are paid to take survey questionnaires and complete them how the payment for completed work will be handled by the buyer. Several common methods are used.


When most people think of getting paid to take survey questionnaires as an income opportunity, they think of cash reimbursement. There are many companies that pay cash. The typical price range is from $1 to $10. The lower price cash payments will be for less complicated or lengthy surveys. Companies disburse paper checks to a postal address, transfer funds electronically either to your bank account, or through such third party businesses as PayPal. Mailed checks may come almost immediately to you, or they may be held and released less often, such as every two weeks or once per month. Electronic transfers are usually disbursed on a regular payment period schedule.


Sometimes, respondents get paid to take survey questions by receiving products. These can be products that the company wants market tested by actual users rather than in a sterile laboratory. These can be products that the company is trying out in a test market in a limited geographical location before releasing the product on a larger scale. The products are even more expensive equipment such as coffee makers or hair dryers that the company wants user feedback on. Sometimes the product is a straightforward transaction where the respondent completes the survey in return for a product delivery in the near future through the postal service.


Another way to be paid to take survey questionnaires is by accumulating points. In this instance, when you accept a survey to be completed, you are provided with the number of points that will be applied for a finished survey. You can redeem the points at various levels for some very nice items. For example, you can receive a cash card good for merchandise at various chain stores. You can use the points to pay for memberships in video clubs or book clubs. You can eat at well known chain restaurants across the country. Points provide a substantial and ever changing way to gain reimbursement for the surveys that you complete.


Often, a company will provide coupons as a way for you to be paid to take survey questionnaires. The coupons may be in addition to cash or other payment methods. The coupons mean that you can continue to use products manufactured by the company in the future and thus become a form of advertising. The manufacturing company hopes that you will like the products that are being discussed in the survey and ask the retailer for the product. If enough people ask for a product, it is possible to place the product on the shelves just because of the increased demand.

Sweepstakes entries

Another way to be paid to take survey questions is for your name to be entered into a substantial sweepstakes. Although this doesn't equate to actual cash, there are always individuals who enjoy taking the chance of winning a desirable prize through the sweepstakes entries that they accumulate from the market research company. Sweepstakes entries may be combined with other types of payment or reimbursement options. Sometimes sweepstakes are considered just an extra bonus for the home worker in the same way that coupons may be distributed freely. Of course, there is always the possibility that you will be the person winning the fabulous sweepstakes prize.
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