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MLM Home Businesstraining - How To Turn High Gas Prices Into A Business Building Frenzy!

Jun 1, 2008
You gotta love it.

All these folks that are screaming about the high price of gasoline. It is impacting everyone and everything. If you turn on the television, it is there. If you turn on the radio, it is there. If you pick up a magazine, it is there as well. You cannot deny the fact that it is creating a financial headache for a lot of folks.

I was talking with someone recently, and all he talked about was how the price of gas was going to destroy his business. He is in the delivery business and profit margins are not that high any way. And he said they were getting ready to tank.

All businesses are feeling it. Even home businesses. A friend of mine was talking about she might have to close her travel part of her business down. She has a skin care business, and travels all over the region doing skin care appointments. But she said the price of gas has gotten so high that she cannot afford that level of travel anymore, as she discovered she was losing money the way she was doing it. And the price of her products has skyrocketed due to gas prices.

Sound familiar?

There was talk about 2 years ago about 5.00 per gallon of gasoline. but everone was saying, "never happen in the US."

Yeah right.

That is why that the price of gas has everyone complaining, moaning, and crying the blues. No doubt, it has impacted the landscape of the home business world. And I am sure that you are aware of the extreme price increase in a gallon of gas, as well as many other things. The price of gas has been reportedly to be impacting many different areas of life, as well as business. And it is only going to get worse, before it gets better. We all better get used to the fact that things are going to be increasing in price a lot for a whle- and it may be a long while.

The prices of many things are increasing dramatically. For instance:

Airline flights.
Anything plastic.
Delivery of goods.
Manufacturing costs.
Hospitality costs.

And the list is long and almost endless.


What if you could turn this horrible thing into a powerful Recruiting and Home Business Building Tool for your Network Marketing Home business?

You can!

You can turn the high price of gas into a Recruiting swarm! You DO NOT have to be part of the "woe is me" crowd. I want you to get this next thought and get it deep down in your heart:

The high price of gas could possibly be one of the best things that has happened to your home business! And will continue to be!


By talking about your "Gas Fund" and asking everyone you know--"Do you have one as well?"

Here is a sample script that you can use:

"Wow Mary, can you believe the price of gasoline today? It is unbelievable. And it seems to be going higher weekly. I read where the average home expenses will increase by $400-500 dollars monthly because of it. It is impacting everything from food to electricity. But you know- I ran across an idea that actually has helped me pay for the higher price and helped me establish a "Gas Fund" at home.

Have you heard of this? It is where your gas is paid for - no matter how high it goes-but not out of your current income. Would that help you? It involves being able to establish a secondary revenue source out of your home. And no matter how high the price of gas goes, you can still afford it. Let me explain how this home Gas Fund is created with a home business..."

And there you have it. Use this over and over. You will be glad you did for your Network marketing home business.

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