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Sweepstakes and Contests Online: The Ultimate Guide to Winning

Jun 1, 2008
Here's a question to consider: why do so many people waste their money buying raffle and lottery tickets at the local mini-mart, when there are so many free sweepstakes and contests online that are even easier to win? Thanks to the Internet, there's really no reason to waste cash on lottery tickets to increase your chances of winning free stuff. While you might not get fabulously rich, entering online sweepstakes is a super way to have fun and win some pretty cool schwag at the same time.

The fact is that most of the money you spend on entering lotteries is simply thrown away, because your chances of winning are phenomenally small. Website contests are still small enough, however, that you have a much better chance of winning if you take part. Instead of a million to one, a good website contest could have chances of a hundred to one, which means that if you are diligent and careful, you will end up winning something cool eventually.

Also, unlike lotteries and raffles, online contests and sweepstakes are often specialized in areas that will interest you. No matter what your hobbies or interests, you can almost certainly find a contest online that has to do with it. If you like movies, do a quick search for movie contests; you'll find lots of them. If you are an artist, there are tons of online art contests out there, too. Whatever your interests, there is bound to be an online contest you can take part in that will let you have fun.

And if you aren't interested in taking part in a contest or sweepstakes, you can still find a lot of cool absolutely free stuff and coupons online that let you save money on all kinds of purchases, too. The stuff you could get for free online doesn't just extend to contests; giveaways and coupons could get you some quick cool stuff, as well.

Just be extremely careful when it comes to what kind of information you give out as an entry requirement in these online contests. There's really no reason why any online sweepstakes should need any more information other than your email address for verification purposes. And most importantly, never ever give out any credit card or bank account information, no matter how cool the promised prize is. Any website that wants your financial information for a contest entry is not to be trusted, plain and simple. There are plenty of other legitimate, free contests you can enter without putting any money up at all.
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