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Diagnose What's Missing from Your Business Model to Triple Profits

Jun 1, 2008
Questions can help at every step to keep you focused on productive areas for profit expansion from a new business model. When these questions inspire you to add other questions that you find helpful, that's good. These questions are designed to stimulate your thinking, rather than totally guide you.

What is the stupidest thing we do to hurt the purchase and consumption of our offerings? People naturally like to feel superior, and answering this question potentially provides that psychological reward.

If you find yourself having an easy time answering this question, feel free to follow on with this question: What is the second stupidest thing we do . . .? You can turn this into a whole string of such questions, as long as they help you.

What is the funniest thing we do to hurt the purchase and consumption of our offerings? We all like to laugh. And when we are laughin, the creative juices flow best.

What is the most embarrassing thing we do to hurt the purchase and consumption of our offerings? The human desire to avoid feeling embarrassment is very strong. Realizing that we are (or could be) embarrassing ourselves and being less successful in the process will stimulate lots of creative thoughts.

What questions are most likely to stimulate and motivate me to locate better benefits that cost no more? Having had experience with the questions just above will cause your mind to begin thinking of similar questions that you would rather answer. Shift to those questions.

In what setting am I most likely to think of new benefits that don't cost any more money? Some people think best in the bathtub, others in the park, and others while sitting next to a person of the opposite sex whom he or she wishes to impress. Whatever that setting is, be sure to make it available to yourself.

What incentives would motivate me the most to find better benefits? Many incentives only you can give yourself. It might be as simple as sleeping in one morning, or as complicated as forgiving yourself for something you regret about the past. If your organization is willing to provide special benefits for participating in this work, let those who establish these incentives know what would be most meaningful to you.

How can I find benefits that are the most consistent with my personal values? In business, much creativity is blocked by people feeling somehow that they are being asked to do something that is inappropriate or even immoral. If you specifically address that concern, huge dams of repressed thought can be released.

How can I help other people in my organization to see this work as stimulating and rewarding? Observers can often coach others to perform better than the participants or observers can direct themselves.

How can I help other people working on this question to find it easier to locate great benefits? You probably have some observations or knowledge that no one else has.

You may not know how to turn it into benefits in many ways, but suspect that others could. You might simply need to circulate that information to unleash enormous progress.
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