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Avoiding The Costly Vending Mistakes

Jun 1, 2008
There are plenty of repeat offenders out there when it comes to the world of vending machine businesses. Unfortunately, we are talking about repeated mistakes that prevent them from making any money. Those that have gone through such scenarios often offer their stories, but too many people don't take the time to acknowledge them. They have a desire to hurry up and get started.

A vending machine business can be very successful. However, you need to take an inventory of the past mistakes other people have had. This way you do repeat them and end up losing your business. The amount of money you have to invest in it is important. Vending machines aren't cheap and if you have to finance them your profits will be mainly going towards those payments.

One of the biggest mistakes is thinking you are going to make a ton of profit from the start. As a result some owners invest great deal of money in the machines and the supplies they need. They kick back to start reaping the benefits and then panic when they discover the money collectors are virtually empty. This is even harder to swallow when you have a payment coming up on a vending machine.

The cost of these machines is going to vary. It depends on what you decide to invest in. Older machines can be risky due to repairs but they can be more affordable. New machines often come with a guarantee but the payments can be a dark cloud hanging over you for a very long time.

You need to make sure you know who you are buying the vending machines from. Make sure you carefully look into their background. The internet can help you with reviews and checking for complaints. You also want to buy vending machines from companies that offer technical support and an excellent warranty.

It is vital that you have locations for your vending machines before you ever buy them. You can get a vending machine from multiple locations. However, you will find it does take a great deal of time to come up with a quality location. You have to evaluate the traffic and work out the specifics of the contract. If you get the vending machine first it is going to be sitting around.

Even with the right locations, you aren't going to be able to make any money if you don't think about what you place inside of them. The location will often decide what types of items you offer. Those that are top sellers may need to be added in other slots. The items that aren't selling well need to be removed. You will have to be willing to try many different options though to come up with the right ones.

If you don't want to fall into the category of repeat offenders in the world of vending machines, use the information wisely. In this type of instance knowledge can become power. You can use that power to effectively operate your vending machine business. From the very start you can implement strategies that will allow you to take one step at a time forward instead of two steps back.
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Robert Farnham writes articles and gives advise to new operators to help them avoid vending locating company nightmares, and the best way to find great vending machine locations.
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