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Take The Stress Out Of Your Letterbox Marketing Campaign

Jun 1, 2008
Letterbox marketing is fast becoming a large part of many companies marketing strategy. As it becomes more mainstream, almost every type of business that you can think of is investing heavily in this once much maligned method of advertising. But is leaflet distribution the most effective way to market your business? What are the pros and cons and how can you ensure that you get the best value for your money?

The letterbox marketing industry was once dominated by a few well-established names who had the market place well tied up. As the sector has grown, new companies have flooded in, and caused a healthy competition that drove down prices and brought with it a more creative approach. Nowadays, even printing companies will offer free delivery when one commissions their print services. It can seem impossible to choose between these companies, indeed, many believe that they all offer the same thing anyway and whom one uses is largely irrelevant.

Of course, there are differences, and in such a diverse market, one is spoilt for choice when finding the distribution company best tailored to your needs. Often smaller companies based in your locality can seem like the obvious solution - you speak to the same person every time you ring them, they are bound to have in depth knowledge of the local area, and they often have far lower overheads, resulting in a far lower cost for you.

But what happens if something goes wrong, or you're not satisfied with the service that you receive? Will that company have the processes in place to accommodate your complaint? What recourse will you have if the MD is also your distributor? And what about the future of your company? As your business and marketing budget grows, will the small leaflet distribution company grow with you and be able to handle your needs?

A larger, nationwide company will naturally be able to provide a totally professional approach to your distribution, however said approach can be quite impersonal and rigid. They will often have far longer lead times, and you as a customer will have very little involvement in the distribution process. You can of course specify distribution dates and areas (to a point), but what happens from then is usually up to the distribution company. Essentially, we are talking horses for courses, and what suits one customer will be the others idea of a nightmare!

A good letterbox marketing company plays a long game. They are aware that leaflet distribution is not a quick fix and that a long term, targeted campaign is the only way to get results and a see significant return on your investment. Beware the leaflet distribution firm that promises the world first time round - they rarely deliver.

Try not to be tempted by cheap deals. As the saying goes, if something sounds too good to be true, it often is. Letterbox marketing companies are not charities, nor are they into philanthropy. Nobody works for free, this is important to keep in mind and sometimes it is worth paying a little bit extra in order to try to guarantee a quality distribution. However, it is also important not to pay over the odds for a distribution. Some apparently large, nationwide distribution companies are actually franchises, and you will absorb high franchise fees in the cost of your campaign.

The key is to do your research, and plan your distribution in good time. Get as many references as you can, and most importantly, build up a good working relationship with a company that you can rely on.
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Shaun Parker knows a lot about leaflet distribution. He shares his knowledge to help people make the most of leaflet delivery, letterbox marketing and door to door marketing campaigns.
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