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Make New Friends And Customers But Keep The Old Ones, Too

Jun 1, 2008
When you enter the field of affiliate marketing, you do the prospecting necessary to ensure business growth. The prospecting you will do is for new customers. You gain new and potential customers by connecting with them on a level that speaks to their concerns.

Affiliate marketing means continually forging relationships. You can't rely on past customers to remain the driving force in your business. Sure, you have the loyal ones who love you and your products. You also have the ones who buy once and head off into the sunset, in search of another product. That's why you need a steady supply of customers to keep your business growing. You find these customers by: seeking them out and connecting with them.

Finding customers is a topic unto itself. Connecting with customers is what you do once you find them. You may have a potential customer click on your website through a web search. You may have a person link back to your affiliate product site through an advertisement. An article you wrote may lead someone your way. Plain, old-fashioned word-of-mouth helps potential customers come your way. When they do come, you must engage them to increase the chances they make a buying decision.

You engage them through communication. Your communication shows them that you have answers to their questions. Your communication tells them you have a solution to a problem they have. Your communication alleviates concerns, shares knowledge of your expertise and inspires them to trust you. If your communication does all this, a connection results and things start to happen. This connection leads to a relationship. The relationship is what leads to affiliate product sales.

When you don't connect with someone who reads one of your articles or ads, your efforts are wasted. When you don't inspire someone to inquire further about your affiliate product, you prevent a connection from the get go. When someone clicks on your website then leaves just as fast, it's a sign you are not doing things conducive to connecting.

New and potential customers result when you present yourself as a trusted authority about a product. Think about your own buying habits. You buy from reputable, knowledgeable, trustworthy sources. You know they know what they're talking about, have a quality product and stand behind that product. All those things connect you to that source and you make a conscious decision to buy from them.

Connect with new customers by showing them your business and products are reputable. Connect with new customers by sharing your expert product knowledge with them. Further connect with new and potential customers by reassuring them that you and the affiliate parent will service them well after they buy from you. With this type of connection, transactions take place. Without this connection, not much takes place.

They say build a better mousetrap and the world will beat a path to your door. Affiliate marketers say, build a connection with your prospects and they will open doors to a portal of increased sales and profits. Don't make the mistake in thinking that customers will come your way in droves just because you have a cool product. Many internet marketers have cool products. You must make a connection with your prospects so that they perceive you and your products as cooler than any others.

Connect to new customers by letting them know you're the well-informed source they are seeking. Show them you know all there is to know about the product they want. Answer their questions intelligently and come across as a trusted information source. Don't try to ram a sales pitch down their throat that tells them you see them as sales statistics and not people. The only connection you'll make with them is their poking you away with a ten-foot pole.

Connect with new prospects by fulfilling their wants and needs. When you do, they will desire what you have to offer. They will need you, just as much as you need them. The connection will happen, which benefits you both.
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