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Equip Yourself With Everything You Need To Transport Your Car Into Dubai

Jun 1, 2008
Although utilising international auto shipping to transport your car from one destination into Dubai may seem extremely daunting, with the correct information you will find that it is not as difficult a task as it seems.

Equip yourself with everything you need to know about the procedure, right here.

Once you have prepared yourself with the facts, you can make enquiries into which international auto shipping agent is preferable for you to use and can obtain 100% non binding quotes using our online form. The most impressive part is that it is absolutely free and you will find yourself a lot more familiar with the process after you have taken that step.

You can choose to have your car transported into Dubai by putting it into a container or by transporting using the roll on roll off method. The latter will collect your car from your doorstep on a flatbed truck and deliver to your destination in the same manner.

Before you begin, you should take note of the following strict rules and regulations that govern the process of international auto shipping to Dubai.

General Procedures:

* Your car will need to be evaluated by a custom's official to acquire the correct market value of your car.

* This evaluation figure will influence the amount of duty payable on the car. The duty is calculated at 5% of the market value of the car

* There might be some implications that prevent your car's entry. There are certain criteria in the rules of shipment for Dubai that your car needs to meet in order for your application to be submitted successfully. It is important to determine whether or not your car meets these criterion before you take it any further

* A local license for the vehicle must be applied for from the Dubai Traffic Police

Documentation required to ship into Dubai:

You will need to have the following documents on hand and ready to submit when considering international auto shipping into Dubai:

* A copy of your passport

* Original trade documentation from your chosen international auto shipping agent

* Commercial Invoice or proof of purchase

* Proof of ownership

* The evaluation document stating your car has been approved according to Dubai standards

When collecting your vehicle on Dubai soil, you will need to submit all of the above documentation with the exception of your passport.

Other Points to Note:

* You will also need to pay custom's duty for the car being shipped into Dubai. If there is more than one vehicle, you will pay per car.

* In Dubai, cars drive on the right hand side of the road

* If your car was manufactured after a certain time, you will need to obtain a No Objection Certificate (NOC). It is important to ask a government official what the cut off year will be when making your application to ensure that your car's manufacture date falls into the correct period.

Now that you have all the correct information, the steps that follow will be far easier!
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