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Is A VOIP Phone System the Right Choice for Your Business?

Christine O'Kelly
Jun 1, 2008
It's important for business owners to fully comprehend their current phone system before making a decision regarding VOIP. Many businesses still using older phone system technology don't realize how much they are actually spending on phone company charges and long distance charges. VOIP and VOIP hybrid PBX systems have been big news in recent years, but is this the right solution for your business?

Advantages of VOIP

With VOIP, telephone services are not dependent on the phone company's copper wire network. Using a VOIP phone system, a company's monthly long distance charges are significantly decreased. Not only are call charges reduced, but network management costs are also virtually eliminated. VOIP provides advanced calling features and allows company employees the opportunity to access the phone system while they are out of the office. Also, voicemail can be received by telephone or by a computer.

Disadvantages of VOIP

The largest concern for business owners with a pure VOIP system is instability. If the internet connection goes down or 'hiccups,' the phone system is also unavailable. Because the phone is the lifeline to most businesses, this sort of instability can be disastrous.

Advantages of a VOIP Hybrid PBX

VOIP hybrid PBX systems have emerged as the most popular choice among small, midsized, and large businesses. With a VOIP hybrid PBX, a company can utilize the IP network and avoid paying toll charges for voice communications with people all over the world.

However, unlike with pure VOIP systems, VOIP hybrid PBX systems allow businesses to utilize either the copper phone lines or the high speed internet to make and receive calls. Therefore, if the internet does become unavailable, phones are still operational.

Because of the mixed capabilities with VOIP hybrid PBX systems, companies save money on long distance charges and can set up remote employees with direct access to the company's main phone systems as they would with a pure VOIP solution, while still enjoing the stability of the copper line system.

Access with VOIP Hybrid PBX

As with a VOIP system, the VOIP hybrid PBX permits employees to access the phone system with softphones. This allows employees access to telephone calls through the PBX system when they are out of the office. Outsourced remote employees or traveling employees can use softphones to listen to their voice mail and make calls through the internet and save money by avoiding analog based calls.

VOIP hybrid PBX systems utilize the internet for voice communications and therefore results in substantial costs savings inherent of a pure VOIP system. VOIP hybrid PBX phone systems offer the extra features of VOIP with the stability of copper.
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