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I Am Moving From Romania To USA

Jun 1, 2008
I am Romanian, born and raised. I was brought up in Constanta, on the shores of the Black Sea. Now, I must move to the USA. I have never been out of my country and I am afraid to go. Romania is all I know.

My wife is American. We met and fell in love when she was a tourist here three years ago. She received terrible news that her parents were both killed in an accident only one month ago and now she says we must move to Florida to take care of her youngest sister. She is only sixteen.

I love the sea. I am a ship builder and fisherman. Will I be able to do these things in Florida? Iam not sure. My wife says we should move our stuff over there, so that I will feel more at home, and she is doing all the arranging.

She told me she will call international moving companies and get some quotes for this service. I told her to check out their licenses. She says she will also check their reputation on the Better Business Bureau. I said to also make sure they can take our boat. If it was just me, I would sail my boat all the way to America. But because my wife gets sea sick and I love her, I wont I will let the international moving company move it instead. Besides, she is in mourning and needs me with her.

The international moving company's agent has been very helpful. She has helped us plan our move even though we have only two weeks before the international moving company people come to pack up everything in their crates, barrels and ocean-going container. I have a heavy heart and wonder if we are doing the right thing. But then I look at my wife, at her kind face and warm heart and because of I love her, I will do this.

To make me feel better, my wife shows me pictures of Florida and I see that it is surrounded by sea! Yes, this makes me feel much better. Then she has her sister send pictures of herself and the house and neighborhood where we will be living, and I like what I see. I begin to feel like I am going on a long, adventurous sea voyage.

In the pictures, sun glints off of turquoise water and palm trees line the sandy shore. My wife says, and the international moving company agent confirmed it, that I will be able to continue to fish and there are ship-building places where I can work. My wife says I don't have to worry about working because her parents left us lots of money. But I must work to feel like a man! Because she loves me, she understands this. I think everything is going to work out fine.
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