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How To Improve Your SEO Campaign

Aug 17, 2007
Ask any successful marketer about their three traffic pulling strategies and one of them will be SEO. Optimizing your site for the search engines is not so difficult as you might think. Go on reading and discover valuable tips to improve your SEO campaign.

Never exchange links with link farms. If a site has a directory with 600,000 links, it's probably a good idea to decline the exchange. Search engines identify what they call "bad neighborhoods" or sites that exist only to collect links and then someone cash in on it. Linking to or being linked to by such a site could get you flagged as a potential spammer.

When working on a search engine optimization project, consider working out triangular link exchanges. These exchanges will require you to link to one person and then that person to another who will link to you in turn. In the end, none of you have reciprocal links, but you will all have one way links, which are given more value by search engine algorithms.

Rather than seeking out "link directory" exchange partners, seek out partners to exchange links for pages people actually go to, such as your opt-in pages, your sales pages, and your home page. This is a much better way to collect links. Additionally, it ends up creating a far more natural link structure than stuffing 600 links in the same directory.

Submit articles to directories to create one way links to your site. It is important to note that this will only work once. If you submit the same article with the same resource box to 50 different directories, you will only receive credit for a single one way link and it will be from whatever website search engines happen to spider first.

Each search engine has its own algorithm, but Google always leads with algorithm changes. If you spend enough time working on search engine optimization, tune your site to Google's changes. Forget the rest. In 2-3 years from now, they will be doing what Google did yesterday.

When optimizing the body of a page for search engines, consider using highlight and bold tags on some of your keywords of choice. Not only will this attract visitors' eyes and point out that the page is relevant to their search but it will also improve your search engine algorithm score for that page's relevance.

Whenever you create a boilerplate link text for links you will add to directories, you should always integrate keywords from your list into the actual text. Many experts suggest that text that surrounds a link to your site is also involved in determining precisely what your site is about according to the search engines.

As always, it's up to you to implement these tips and techniques to improve your SEO campaign. So don't wait and start right now.
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