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Forming Those New Customer Connections

Jun 1, 2008
You know that new customers make your affiliate marketing business continually viable. You know they're out there and looking for what you have to offer, you just need to connect with them. What's the best way to connect with new and potential customers, so they drive the future growth of your business?

The best way to connect with new customers is to understand what they want. Look at your affiliate product through their eyes. Don't look at your affiliate products strictly from your point-of-view. When you do that, you don't keep an open mind as to what customers are looking for in a product. A customer may want a product for one specific reason. This reason may be something you never considered.

Communication with your target market is essential for internet marketers. With your articles and other marketing efforts, you open a dialog with people interested in your product. Through opt-in newsletters and e-mail updates, you give useful information to potential customers. They will respond to you through e-mail with questions and requests for more information. With this developing dialog, you'll learn to see your affiliate product the way your potential customers do.

Once you recognize their wants and needs, tailor your marketing efforts accordingly. You'll connect with your customers because the information you present them in the form of articles, website content, advertising and forum postings is information they have asked you for and want. It's not information you think they want.

All communications you receive from customers and potential customers is fodder for your content to give back to them in one form or another. In other words, dialog with your target market dictates what information you give back to them.

Connecting means listening to customers' concerns and formulating appropriate responses. Customers don't seek your product; they seek your product's benefits. Listen to what benefits they want from a product. Once you know what benefits they want from a product, write advertisements and website content explaining how your affiliate product has those benefits. Write informative articles focusing on those benefits.

Potential customers are likely to follow the links back to your site when they see you are filling the information gap between them and a product. The more they learn about you and your product the better. You are forming a connection with them that tells them you are the trusted source with whom they should deal.

If you have a blog that links to your website, use it to encourage dialog with new and potential customers. Encourage comments on your blog. Let your readers know you want their feedback on concerns that relate to your affiliate product. In the free-form atmosphere of a blog, your visitors may open up and freely correspond with you. Respond to their comments and a dialog has begun. The connection is there and it is real. You're now conversing with someone and have the opportunity to show you are an expert when it comes to your affiliate product.

The fact that you are taking the time to answer a potential customer's questions means a lot. They see you as someone who seeks to serve them well in an honest business relationship. Who do you think they will think of first when they decide to buy the type of product you sell?

That's what connecting with new customers is all about and it is why you must make that connection fast. If you don't, they will move on down the road until they find someone who does establish a connection with them. The person who makes a connection with them on a personal level is the person who gets their business. Make sure that person is you.
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