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Posting A Project On Freelance Online Marketplaces

Jun 2, 2008
Today, freelancing is a lucrative way to do many different types of jobs. For example, many freelance writers specialize in different types of writing. They can be employed on a freelance basis by websites, magazines, and even businesses that otherwise would not have writing staff. Many freelance web designers also work as web developers, graphic artists or programmers. Companies that need help with web designer graphics can employ these types of freelancers as contractors. Those companies can do so without having to employ new staff on either a short-term or temporary basis.

There are many freelancers online, and the Internet has made accessible a burgeoning online freelance marketplace. In this type of marketplace, freelancers can make money by applying for a variety of jobs, usually short-term and contract. Usually, companies or individuals post a "help wanted" ad on the freelance marketplace, or middlemen who post these types of jobs for others can also post these types of jobs. Once jobs have been posted, freelancers apply for them; in some cases, they bid for them instead of receiving a fixed price. Those with the best bid and/or the best experience usually get the job, whereupon that listing is closed. Those sites posting the jobs get a cut of the payment.

Freelancers are told that they should be conservative in the freelance marketplace, but they are also told that they should sell themselves and their skills well and should never be shortchanged. It's also true, however, that those posting the jobs need to take care as well. Of course, these people want someone who's willing to do the job for a fair price, and who will return work in good quality. Both freelancers and those posting the jobs can get scammed, so this is where both parties need to be careful.

It's wise on both ends, therefore, to take care and make sure that you as a freelancer or job poster don't get taken advantage of. If someone posts a resume that simply has too much experience for the price he or she has bid, for example, this might be something to tell you to be careful. You should also take careful note of profiles that don't have much in the way of content.

Freelancers need to take care as well. Beware of clients or posters who promise extremely minimal pay for the job they want done. Make sure you state (and get) a fair price that will pay you well enough and fairly enough for a job well done -- but then, you must deliver. If the poster does not choose you in this situation or wants you to go lower on your bid and you know it's not fair, walk away from the job or thank your lucky stars you didn't get it, since you don't want a job where you won't get fair pay.

As a new client or job poster, follow the freelance marketplace rules so that you know how to post projects properly. Each different marketplace has its own rules and formatting, so that you should follow those. However, there are generally a few aspects of posting that are generally true almost every time. As a client or poster, you want to post your own name, a few details about your company, and a job description that's detailed enough for freelancers to understand what you want. Then, post a fair starting bid if applicable, or a fair price.

As a freelancer, there are also a few general rules that are usually true. You'll usually be asked to post a resume or other type of job/background experience. Oftentimes, you are also encouraged to post a portfolio so that prospective clients can see samples of your work. In some cases, you're also asked to post references.

Another point to remember is that even though bidding is meant to get a client or job poster the best price, the lowest bid will not always be the one you want. Remember that someone posting a very low bid may not have the experience you need, while someone with a higher but still reasonable bid knows what he or she is doing and is quoting a fair price. Therefore, choose based on the job experience of the freelancer and the bid rather than just the bid itself. You can also look at other bids on the website you choose to get a good idea of where you should place your starting bid.

Finally, make sure you get an account set up so that you can pay the freelancer quickly when the job is done. This will help ensure that your reputation as a client remains good so that freelancers will know that you are good to work for and will want to work for you; in turn, this will help ensure that your projects will be completed quickly, efficiently and to your specifications each time by experienced freelancers.
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