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Real Estate Investing vs Online Internet Marketing

Jun 2, 2008
As you know the Real Estate Market has been turned up side down with all the no money down deals, interest only, and other financial products. These deals have not only harm the economy but has made lenders raise the limits on home buying as well. Foreclosure is at an all time high and is steadily claiming. However, there is opportunity in buying if you have your down payment and the credit score.

Keep in mind that lender are qualifying the property more so than the person that is buying it. Reasons are, lenders are minimizing there risk by not approving a house in a high foreclosure area. Now, were does that leave you as an investor. Can you afford to wait for another deal to close while lenders are constantly requesting for more paperwork. The solution is to buy the house cash. Yea, you heard me correctly, buy the house cash. Let me tell you the shocking truth about this county. It is designed to keep you in debt. Debt keeps you living the life of penury. Debt is designed to stagnate you. If you want to prosper, you must learn the difference between an assets and liability.

Ok, you might say, how am I to buy a house cash when I don't have that kind of money? Increase your Income! I don't mean go out and obtain another job, but to start a home base business or any business that has value to produce the type of income needed to increase your purchasing power. Network marketing is one of the ways you can do that. For example, Lets say you started a network marketing business using a system that obtains leads and pay for itself at the same time. Now, two years later you are making five figures a month which will enable you to invest in Real Estate by purchasing small properties for cash in your local area. There is a lot of planning and development up front, but after that is all out the way, you are on your way to a better financial future.

Remember leave the banks out of it! This is your own money. Later, you take these properties and trade them in on a 1031 exchange for that dream home. Think of the monopoly game. It works the same way in real life. The downside is, you got to work towards it. It is a growth process. Rich people don't get loans, they just leverage themselves. That is why a basketball player can make more sitting on the bench then a doctor, who is out there saving lives. Network marketing somehow gives you that type of leverage as well as Real Estate. But you need ideas which come from thought and money that comes from ideas to accomplish these goals. Use credit wisely, for tools that will enable you to achieve your ultimate goals and pay for itself at the same time. Keep in mind that, it is not the business that will earn you money--- it is the system thats behind it!
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