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The Truth About Passive Income

Jun 2, 2008
With the growth of e-commerce and new internet technology, network marketing has gone from the physical world into the virtual world which is leveling the playing ground for many small businesses. This is enabling businesses to market their products and services in a more cost effective way while proliferating across the globe. However, there is a trick to it. If one is not prepared to meet the challenges of marketing their products and creating passive income, one is destined for failure. Passive income requires work and consistency towards maintenance and infrastructure of your internet business. There is no such thing as creating a website, placing one or two ads, submitting to some directory that promises you one million leads. That only brings about false hope. The way the internet is setup consist of one huge library with the two major librarians, Yahoo and Google. These librarians keep all this information organize so that you will with your library card, which is your credit card get the information one needs to complete what ever function is necessary for their business. The only problem with that is confusion. Which product is right for the goal you are trying to achieve for your business?


First, be aware of what is already available on your computer. Nothing is worse then going out purchasing a product for your marketing campaign, and discovering later its right there on your computer system from the start. Secondly, don't rush; it is plenty of money out there for everyone. Take your time and do it the correct way. Rushing only makes one frustrated and puts you into a competitive mode with yourself. Thirdly, Center yourself around creation and clarity on how you are going to market and be cost effective. Think in terms of creating more leverage for every dollar you spend.

Buying leads is a waste of money and time. Creating targeted leads that convert into sales will make you rich without one having to pick up the phone, unless they call you of course... Start putting systems into place like a lead capture page for names and emails. Build relationships with your customers instead of making a sale and going to the next one. In this case you have not given this customer value. He has walked away with a product without knowing how to utilize it. Follow up with an auto responder, cd with outlined instructions or even a phone call. Give him further assistance if needed. This way you are creating value and doing things in a certain way (The Science of Getting Rich) by Wallace D. Wattles.


Maintain your systems and relationships with your clients/customers on a daily basis. This will prove that one is a leader in his or her industry. Of course you will make money while you sleep or while on the golf course, but it is a result of maintaining your business, minding your business. All too many times I see business owners failing to give value in their services and wondering why there businesses are not producing. There is no lazy way to riches my friend. Personal sacrifices must be made in order to achieve the greater good. Make those sacrifices now or pay later for your mistakes. That is our free choice. If you want to achieve personal financial freedom, you can without the frustration or headaches. Just remember, your customers come first...
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