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Building A Million Dollar Network Business Through Deliberate Creation

Jun 2, 2008
Can you really build wealth through Deliberate Intent? Absolutely, however there is a need for conscious awareness on a day to day basis. Meditation is known to help individuals obtain clarity so that goal achieving becomes natural. One must be clear on what they want and when they want it during these economic times.

Businesses are down sizing and your 401k is going up in smoke once some major player takes over or bankruptcy creeps in. This means that one is not in control of what has taking place on corporate grounds or with his own destiny. New leadership is needed. That's where you come in.. Know thy self and others for that matter. Network Marketing has always been a business that one can learn how systems work and earn money while building passive income. However, it takes patients and determination to achieve financial freedom.

Network Marketing is not easy from the start. Strategies and concepts are imperative to have in a marketing platform. Education surrounding the latest marketing strategies is a must no matter what business you're in. The key is to add value to what one wants to market. By doing this, one is deliberately intending to be the best, deliver the best, except nothing but the best and you will have the best. Take charge of what and where you want to be a year from now and get there.

Be in control of your own life, according to Robert Kiyosaki (best selling author of Rich Dad Poor Dad). Miniscule steps always makes the difference in your movement towards wealth building and making intelligent decisions which will enable you to proliferate yourself across the globe. Deliberate creation is one of the keys to success. This means starting where ever you are in your present place---no matter what your circumstances are, start now. We have all heard this time and time again, but how often does one utilize it. How often do we actually follow through to the end.
We live in a micro wave time, where everyone wants it right now, this very moment.

Deliberate intent is accomplished by thinking it, setting a goal for it, putting action to it, seeing it to its completion, and finally receiving it. Action is necessary, but it is appropriate action that is needed. For example, if one is working a network marketing business or any business for that matter and putting forth the leg work in recruiting, presentations, and most of all facing rejections, then he or she is not taking appropriate action.

This type of action is not partnered with enthusiasm and joy. It is associated with rejection and cynicism. Negative emotions which manifest negative results. Feelings are magnets and that is what is like unto itself is strong. One must be patient for the right action to emerge. You will know because of the feeling of enthusiasm that it brings in the beginning and throughout the entire marketing process. Center yourself around prosperity, no that it is yours and you will be pushed towards that action...
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