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Making One Hundred Dollars A Day As An Affiliate Marketer

Jun 2, 2008
Maybe the idea of making one hundred dollars a day appeals to you if you are nine to five it every day. Makes me think about all the people taking that morning train from Hoboken to New York for the daily grind and then back home again on the path. Does the idea of not having to work like a dog appeal do you?

I started internet marketing about ten years ago selling an e book I bought online with resale rights. I would send out thousands of emails every night and watch my hit counter slowly move on my mini site. If I wanted more traffic, I would send out more emails until my ESP shut me down for spam mailing. These were leads I paid good money for but, these emails were considered spam.

Today, affiliate marketing has evolved. Now the tools of internet affiliate marketers are lead capture pages and Absence. Marketers are using e book affiliate programs to promote and not promoting Private label e books like before. Now many affiliate marketers may have hundreds of lead collection tools in place and thousand of webpages with several sites and domains cross connected to each other.

Many affiliate marketers are not selling their own content or products but using one of the many products available on digital affiliate warehouses. To become a member all you need to do to represent them is sign up with your tax, bank account or PayPal information. I personally use the same type of company to sell my e books that I have written. Some e books I sell however do a much better job of converting customers then my own site so I promote the best sellers equally to my own material.

Getting your account to produce one hundred dollars a day actually is very hard at first. I believe most people fail at affiliate marketing is because they try to focus on one product instead of going after the top ten best sellers. About eighty percent of my sales come from products that I am cross promoting. I am always amazed where some of the sales come from some forgotten classified or forum URL or some other posting in my countless affiliate promotion campaign.

The real key to becoming a good affiliate marketer is to keep doing what you're doing until you get a result. If you're doing affiliate marketing at nights and on weekends keep doing it to you get results. Once you get a result, lead capture or whatever it is you're trying to do, keep doing it to get more.

Slowly, your list will grow and soon you will have a great report with you mailing list if you get them much needed content and make them look forward to your mailings. Once you have a few hundred people on your list you will start to see sales every few days from your mailings. If you're able to grow your list to a few thousand people, you will be able to make a nice decent second income from list.

I recently made a special list for just my buyers where I give them all my best web pages, mini sites, lead capture pages, videos and other useful marketing information that they can use to become successful at working their own website or home internet business. With the right tools, desire and the right information you too came make a hundred dollars a day as an affiliate marketer.
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