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What Is Direct Response Marketing?

Jun 2, 2008
Direct response marketing is basically a method of marketing or advertising that is directed especially at the viewer. Instead of mailing out an advertisement or a newsletter to potential customers the advertiser directly interacts with the viewer and in turn the customer responds directly to the marketer. Direct response marketing is done primarily through television or the radio. Advertisers use these types of media which is broadcasted directly to them in order to get that customer to contact them. Basically the advertiser broadcasts on whatever product or service they are offering to many customers at once, it is then up to the customer to directly respond to the advertiser by contacting them.

This type of marketing is very similar to direct marketing, but instead of the communication from the marketer to the customer being direct, it is the opposite in which the communication from the customer is directly to the marketer. Direct response marketing is a type of marketing that is beneficial because it can be tracked and measured in regards to results. It is a form of marketing that gets the customer to take action in order to contact the advertiser. There are different elements involved in direct response marketing in order to be successful. First there has to be an offer of some type presented to the customer. The most successful direct response marketing campaigns involve an offer that is highly compelling.

Next there has to be enough information presented to the customer in order to help them decide if they are going to contact the advertiser or not. If there is not adequate information for the customer to decide, they will invariably pass up the opportunity. The advertiser needs to make the customer feel as if they don't act on the opportunity now they will miss their chance to take part in whatever product or service that is being sold. This brings a sense of urgency to the customer and often is the deciding factor on whether or not they are going to buy into whatever is being advertised.

The last element that makes a successful direct response marketing campaign is a way for the customer to contact the advertiser. The more options that are offered to the customer such as a telephone number, a website, or even an email address is going to get more responses than only offering one method of contact. If the customer feels they have options as to how they wish to contact the advertiser they are more likely to take part in the offer. Direct response marketing is exhibited every time you turn on your television and see an infomercial. You might even have responded to this type of marketing at one time or another when you saw a product or service that you felt you needed or were going to miss out on the opportunity if you didn't call right then. This is why direct response marketing is such a common form of advertising, it reaches out to the customer and gets them to take the initiative.
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