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Save Money Using Broadband Phones

Jun 2, 2008
A broadband phone is used with a broadband Internet connection to make phone calls. Telecommunication companies set up infrastructure that can transfer voice data from one end to another, allowing consumers to make calls through traditional digital phones without realizing that the calls are being transmitted via the internet. The voice is received from the phone and broken down into data packets and sent through the internet to a receiving station. The receiving station then translates the data back into voice data so that the intended receiver understands the information sent as if he was talking to the person with the use of a regular phone. A slower Internet connection makes the voice signal choppy and unclear, so it is important to have a quality broadband connection.

A DSL broadband connection operates through your telephone line by using a special broadband modem. The cable version operates through your cable television connection. Whichever method you chose, a broadband internet phone connection is now relatively cheap and easy.

Multinational companies that have satellite offices set up around the world install infrastructures that allow employees to make broadband phone calls, making communicating among co-workers easy and convenient, as if they were talking to each other in the same office. In fact, instead of dialing a number, the communication can actually be done via intercom.

Nowadays, instant messaging Internet applications have voice messaging capabilities. Although consumers need a computer to make calls with this method, voice messaging uses the same technology. In fact some providers want to make the experience as traditional as possible--so traditional that phones can be connected to the computer. By using this technology, consumers can simply use their existing broadband connection to make free Internet phone calls.

In addition to the features and services that each broadband internet phone provider offers, you should also look at their levels of customer service. Things do go wrong from time to time but Vonage offer full 24/7 support via their web site. If you are considering a broadband internet phone, Vonage may be the best place to start your research as given their renowned customer service, quality products and keen pricing you will have a solid base to move forward your investigations.

So why is broadband phone service so cheap? Would it surprise you to know you're traditional telephone company has been ripping you off for years? OK, so no big surprise there, but I'll give you the low down anyway. Turns out broadband phone, and traditional phone services use the exact same grid for transferring phone calls. The Internet. The difference is your traditional phone company has been charging you to send your calls to that grid, where with broadband phone service your DTA, or broadband phone adapter handles that for you and doesn't charge you a dime. You're truly just paying for the service.
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