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Moving From South Africa To Usa

Jun 2, 2008
Well, guess I need to bite the bullet and call an international moving company. Don't know which one, maybe I should Google it. I still can't believe I have to leave the home I've always known to go live somewhere I've never been in the USA.

How can I leave South Africa, the adventure capital of the world where natural beauty and wildlife abound? Where one can follow the African drum and gumboot beat; the bright sun, stars and city streets; the friendly people, rich culture and freedom struggle that warms even the coldest person's heart. Not to mention the invigorating mountain and ocean air. Can the USA offer anything even close to that? I wonder. Sigh.

But work is work. My company has offered me a huge promotion to make this move. I have to yank up my roots and the roots of my wife and children, I don't have a choice. I never wanted my children to grow up anywhere else other than South Africa. It's in our bones, has been for generations and generations. It really is for the future of my children that I make this move, even though they won't see it that way for probably a very long time.

Okay, okay, enough procrastinating. I'm Googling international moving company right now to get some phone numbers. Let's see it says to put my home country in, South Africa, and my destination, New York, USA. Hmmm what's this I see? A whole list of international moving companies - and they're willing to give me online quotes. Wow this is going to be easier than I thought!

Okay, I've got quotes and now I'm going to check out the short listed international moving companies on the Better Business Bureau and Epinion. Thank God for the Internet! My wife helps me make the choice and we set up a date and time next month for them to come, pack up our lives and move us to another.

For it truly is like starting a whole new life. The international moving company gives us advice on the rules, regulations and laws for the move and even hooks us up with a realtor. So far, so good.

I decide to Google New York and the pictures that come up look promising and it's right on the ocean too! We make online lodging at a five star hotel until our home is ready and decide to have a family vacation for the first month. We're all excited now.

We book a couple of Broadway shows, trip to the Empire State Building, a general NYC tour, cruise of the harbor, tour of the Statue of Liberty and just so we don't get over-immersed in culture, a Six Flags Great Adventure for the kids of course.

I'm feeling better now. I realize that home is wherever you make it. I will always carry the beat of South Africa in my heart even though life's adventures may take me afar!
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