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Get Valuable PR in Your Hometown Using the Media

Jun 2, 2008
As an author, you may have recently published a book. In writing this title, you dedicated much of your time and passion in order to create a final piece of work that can be enjoyed by people everywhere!

Getting the attention of consumers though, can be really tough. In this crowded marketplace (there were nearly 300,000 books published in 2007 alone) you MUST take an active approach to let book buyers know that your book exists, on both a national and a local level!

While national media exposure for you and your book is ideal, there is great power in local media exposure as well. By focusing on your hometown media outlets you will be able to build a solid base of fame and recognition from which to grow on. Creating as much "buzz" as you can locally will compliment your national campaign to no end and it also gives you invaluable media experience when the national media starts to knock on your door.

The good news is that there are lots of local media that are interested in interviewing authors just like you. This gives you an upper hand in grabbing their attention, and you will also gain their support in spreading the word about your book!

So If you want to create solid book "buzz" in your hometown, here are some recommendation that will help you achieve your promotional goals:

*Book Signings: When it comes to the secret weapon of gaining local exposure for your book, they don't make 'em any stronger than this! So what good are they? Well take a look at these facts: Will drive distribution of your books into the stores where you have the book signing The store will give you free advertising in their customer mailings Highly visible placement of your books in store a week before your signing.

You'll earn powerful third-party endorsements by store employees whom have met you during the signing Book signings are a goldmine for local publicity. Marsha Friedman says, "Do as many as you can. Even look at other cities that are close by. Heck, even get your family and friends to set up signings in their local book stores." So let's get out there and create the buzz that sell the books!

* Talk Radio Interviews and Television Appearances: Generally speaking, every city has radio and television programs that have a format for guests. Marsha Friedman adds, "Go on the internet and do some research to see what is available in the local market that you are targeting. Marsha Friedman says, "Look for those with a format for guests and find the contact information for the producer." Then call and pitch yourself as a guest. Aim to get as many interviews on TV and radio as possible.

*Local Print Media : Marsha Friedman says, "My firm finds that how-to or tips-type articles really interest the print media. If your topic offers any sort of solution to a problem, then a "Tips" article is what I would suggest."

Give 6-7 helpful hints and high quality solutions to a common societal problem. Find the print publications in your local market, do web research and find the relevant contact information for the editor that would cover your topic. No one relevant listed? Gun for the editor-in-chief. Write it so that it would be ready for publication!because if it is there is slight chance that they may print the piece "as-is." But since you're a writer, this should not be a problem.

And once again, get as many print placements as possible!
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