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Moving From Usa To South Africa

Jun 2, 2008
When my husband told me we were moving to South Africa in two short months I panicked. But that was nothing to how I reacted when he told me he was leaving in three days and that I would have to arrange the move! The company he works for was transferring him to head up its division there.

Where would I start? Would I move everything? Only some things? What about our dog? Due to health concerns, I couldn't be running around all over the place to get information, visit international moving companies and such.

So, I did the next best thing I Googled international moving company on the Internet and found a whole list of international moving companies that came up after I put in my home state and destination of South Africa. My husband had said even though the company was paying for the move, compare prices but pick the best one.

Each international moving company gave me a quote. Then I checked their licenses and reputation on the Better Business Bureau and Epinions and chose the best one. Its moving quote hadn't been the cheapest but we felt it was more important that our stuff arrive there preferably in one piece.

No way was I going to pack the house up. We'd lived in it for twenty years - the task was much too daunting. But I was looking forward to a good spring cleaning! And so I had three garage sales every other Saturday over the next six weeks. I was feeling pretty good about our new, much more organized life, trimmed of its fat and fluff, and I realized, we really didn't need such a big house any more.

The international moving company I chose knew all the ins and outs of moving to South Africa, the papers needed, the visas, etc. so it really was like one-stop-shopping for all your moving needs. They were even a Licensed carrier of brand name 220V electrical appliances.

So I opted to get rid of my aged fridge, stove, washer and dryer. Instead of spending the money to move them, we'd buy from the international moving company in South Africa at a good price and end up with brand new appliances, guaranteed to be compatible with the electrical set up in our new country.

And now for the most pressing concern of all. My dearest best friend, Pluto. He's a chocolate lab we'd had from the time the kids had been small. So I Googled moving from USA to South Africa and clicked on the link: Welcome to Air Animal Pet Moving Services and am I glad I did. I found that Pluto needed a Microchip ID, Rabies immunization 30 days-1year prior, 5 blood tests 30 days prior, a 4 page document endorsed by a veterinarian, and an export endorsement by the USDA.

Thanks to the Internet and key words international moving company, the whole move had been organized at my fingertips!
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