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Moving From Usa To India

Jun 2, 2008
Did you know that you can get free moving quotes just by Googling international moving company on the Internet? That's just what I did when I received confirmation from my company that I would be transferring to India indefinitely.

Wow! I could hardly believe that within two short months I would be living in a totally different culture, an ocean away. I had so many questions! But first things first. I filled in a form at the international moving company site with my home state and destination of Calcutta. A list of international moving companies came up and within a relatively short amount of time, I had quotes from them.

I did some investigating on each international moving company on the Better Business Bureau and Epinions to get the lowdown on each one. I didn't want to end up an ocean away with a bunch of broken furniture or have it mysteriously disappear somewhere in transit!

I chose one with a good reputation. To me, that was most important as my company was paying for the move anyway. A date and time was decided upon when the international moving company I had chosen would arrive at my house with their crates, barrels and overseas containers to pack up all my belongings.

That being accomplished, I could now turn my attention to other matters. I read on the international moving company's website that Calcutta (Kolkata) is the third largest metropolitan city in India, and the fourteenth largest in the world! It has fifteen million people and is situated on the banks of the mighty Hoogli River (a tributary of the Ganges River).

Some of the renowned engineering marvels include the bridges that span this river the Vivekananda Setu, the Vidyasagar Setu and the Howrah Bridge. I had no idea and had to admit I was relieved. My mental image of India had been a whole lot of sand! The more I read, the more I got excited about moving especially now that the main move was organized!

My company was providing me with a car over there so the next thing I wanted to find out was about a driver's license. I followed links after Googling international moving company again and found that India recognizes the International Drivers License and that I could apply for it online. So I did. Once in India, my company would sponsor some driving lessons with test at the end to ensure I understood traffic signs and driving on the other side of the road.

The arrangements having been made, papers in order and all my questions answered, I felt ready to go nothing left to do but wait for the date of my flight with bated breath. Eventually, I would face moving back to the USA. But I didn't fear it for now I knew where to find all the information I needed, thanks to the keywords international moving company!
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