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Moving From India To Usa

Jun 2, 2008
Google international moving company my friend suggested.
We were having a Saturday morning chat over coffee. I was telling him how I've always wanted to live in the USA ever since my aunt, uncle and cousins had moved there years ago, when I was just a boy. Finally, my dream was going to become a reality. My parents had passed away, leaving me a substantial inheritance.

It was time, time for me and my wife and children to move to the land of opportunity; the land of the free. I was very excited but scared at the same time. I looked at my surroundings. My home with its familiar pictures and furnishings were so precious to me. I couldn't bear to leave it all behind. Oh sure, we could trim it down a bit, get rid of some stuff, but most of it would come with us. It would be like we were taking a little chunk of home with us to a foreign land. So it was important to me that our possessions arrive safe and sound in America.

Google international moving company, my friend repeated. All the information you need is right at your fingertips.

Truth be known, I'm not exactly a whiz on the computer. But my friend's brother had recently moved to America, so I knew he knew what he was talking about. And so I did it, I Googled international moving company, put in my home country and destination country and up popped a list of international moving companies. They were all willing to give me online quotes and get this they wanted to compete for my business. It was just like haggling at the market! I loved it.

My wife is a very smart woman. She said we should investigate each international moving company on the Internet. She helped me check that their licenses were valid and their reputation on the Better Business Bureau and something called Epinion. We wanted to make sure we were entrusting our earthly possessions to an international moving company we could trust!

The company we chose took care of everything. A date was set for them to come and pack us up into crates, barrels, chests and finally into an overseas container. They advised us of the papers necessary to move to the USA.

They even had a storage service that would hold our stuff for us until we had a house to move it into. Our plan was to stay with my cousin and look for a place in the same town where he lives. He had even picked a house we might be interested in buying.

The move went smoothly, from the planning phase to the actual move. The international moving company was great. We couldn't have done it without them!
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