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How to Discover Your 'Media Niche' and Use Targeted Publicity to Build Your Business

Jun 2, 2008
Gaining exposure using public relations for your business is a fantastic idea in order to drive sales. To be able to consistently do that takes smart advertising and even smarter publicity tactics.

When it comes to publicity though, most people who are new at the game believe that you simply pen an effective release, send it out to the print media and wait for success. Then, when the phone doesn't ring, they might make a follow-up phone call or two to the newsroom!only to learn that no one's even glanced at their release!

Taking a passive approach with the media will not get you many positive results. Find a media niche for your message!

When it comes to effective PR, Marsha Friedman says, "Take a look at your message and see if it can be tied to the news. Is it timely?" What age group am I targeting? Is there a financial income I'm targeting? "These answers will point you to the correct medium", adds Friedman.

First Up? Television.

All newscasts talk to their viewers through visuals. It's all visual. Producers are searching for topics that can be communicated to the audience in a visual and entertaining way, while being informative at the same time. "So if your topic doesn't lend itself to visuals, then I would think again about using television to communicate your message", says Marsha Friedman.

"We once had a life insurance agency that wanted us to arrange local and national TV appearances for their CEO. What we did was to create a pitch about a segment featuring how women can protect themselves from the pitfalls of not understanding how life insurance works."

Marsha Friedman continues, "Sounds boring right? Wrong! What we did to make the segment really terrific is that we told our client to create large, colorful graphs in order to really create a compelling and visual story. In the end it was a very successful interview for our client!"

All newscasts are directed to a specific demographic. To give you an idea, early morning news shows are usually watched by working adults and families getting ready for school. 12:00pm shows are aimed for stay at home moms and retired individuals. Late night news is usually targeted for younger business people.

Now, how about talk radio.

Talk radio talk to their audience through words and not through pictures. Friedman adds, "Talk radio is conversational, so be ready to talk." This medium also loves hot, newsworthy angels. Is there a 'community angle in your message?

Like TV, radio talk shows vary from morning to night. Morning shows, as you might suspect, generally have shorter interviews during 'drive time.' With news, weather sports and traffic, talk show hosts don't have time for 30-minute interviews. 12:00pm shows, really cover an array of topics across the board as now many people tune in at their office. So now more then ever you can expect to catch a business program during the typical workday. When work is finished for the day, when you turn on the radio you will be hearing the 2nd drive time of the broadcasting day. "You will find longer interviews here as the audience of listeners are more relaxed and susceptible to longer interviews", adds Friedman.

Let's not forget about the overnight shows! Think no one's listening? Overnight shows are heard by a hoard of people that have a different schedule from the norm.

Now, why not get your name in print!

The print media are similar to talk radio and television because they are suckers for hot, entertaining, news stories. But certain segments of print also like visuals.

Marsha Friedman says, "For example, if you're pitching a story about a new clothing or jewelry line - send photo's with your pitch." If you believe your story can really be supported with a photograph, graph or other related visual, then have one at the ready when pitching your story to newspapers and magazines.
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