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Jun 2, 2008
International auto shipping can be an arduous task if you don't know what you are doing. Find all you need to know about shipping your car into India right here.

Once you have absorbed all the following information, rules, regulations and general points you can fill in our online form and get a range of free quotes from international auto shipping agencies located all over the world. The quotes are 100% non-binding and can be extremely informative and helpful.

There are certain criteria one needs to be made aware of when applying to ship your car into India, especially dependant on whether you are submitting a request for a new or a used car. Below is a list of guidelines for both.

General rules when shipping new cars to India:

* The car needs to have right hand steering and controls
* The car must be shipped from the country within which it was manufactured
* The car's speedometer must reflect speed in kilometres per hour and not miles per hour
* The shipped car is only allowed entrance after approval from customs clearance in either Mumbai, Chennai or Calcutta

General rules when shipping used cars into India:

* The car needs to have right hand steering and controls
* The car's speedometer must reflect kilometres per hour
* The car cannot be older than 3 years from the date of manufacture
* The car's specifications must conform to certain standards outlined by the Central Motor Vehicle Rules and will have to go through a pre shipping inspection as well as one post shipment
* The owner will need to supply certificates of roadworthiness in the case of shipping a used car
* Used vehicles may only enter India through the Mumbai port

Only one car may be shipped into India per person, and the car repayments or any amount payable on the sale of the car must be up to date before considering international auto shipping into the country. It is imperative that you check with custom's authorities whether or not your car can in fact be shipped into the country.

There are certain specifications that need to be met aside from those listed above, and some cars are in fact banned from being brought into the country via international auto shipping. Once you are sure that your car is suitable and you have carried out all that is required, you will need to pay specified duties before entering the country.

Taxes and duties to be paid:

* Customs duty
* Additional duty
* Special additional duty

More information on these can be obtained from the customs officials.

You will then need to apply for an import license that allows you to ship your car into the country. Once you have successfully mastered international auto shipping into India, and you have carried out all of the above, you must ensure that you are covered with a comprehensive insurance scheme and that you apply for registration of your car in India.
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