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A Blog: What Is It All About?

Jun 2, 2008
For a regular web user, a blog is not something that needs an explanation. But, for someone who's not so web-savvy, what does a blog mean? In simple terms, a blog is similar to a simple website with a theme and has content displayed in a chronological order, which means the latest posted content is displayed first. If you have a blog of your own, you can use it to write content related to your chosen topic and keep adding and modifying those posts.

Blogging is just like maintaining a public online journal, stating events, incidents and daily occurrences. Most often, blogs attract a lot of search engine traffic, because people love to find out information and opinions offered by the global community. Hugely popular with internet marketers, blogging is a step towards bringing in like-minded individuals from every corner of Earth.

Throughout the past 5-6 years, blog posting and commenting has become a phenomena in itself, with thousands visiting popular blogs every day, sharing ideas and discussing matters just like old friends do.

Most people create blogs with the sole aim of attracting numerous readers, because when there are many readers sharing their own view points in a single place, the opportunity for making a profit through marketing products and services to them is very high. Plenty of businesses and individuals depend on constant blog traffic to market products and services to online consumers.

Would you like to have your own blog? There are no limitations on how many blogs you can maintain, so you can just go ahead and sign-up for as many as you want. Writing for a blog requires you to spend some time and effort on it, particularly if you want everyone surfing the internet to know who you are. Keeping your blog posts new and constantly updated will make it more interesting and bring in more visitors. Some blogging tips are given below for your consideration.

Choose an intriguing topic: Do some research on what's popular and the type of content that generally attracts people looking for a good read. Stick to a topic that's interesting and make sure you have some genuine knowledge about it.

Adapt a conversational tone: Never sound like you are at a meeting and presenting a report to the board of directors. Use an easy "speaking" tone in your writing and avoid big words. Encourage your readers to comment too.

Decide how often to blog: You should decide beforehand about how often you'll blog. Daily is better, but update your content at least once a week.
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The net is littered with sites covering every manner of topic in the world. Then there are blogs, some indifferent, some funny and some just infectious. If you are looking for an interesting read, check out this blog and see what you can come up with. Some simple ideas are still the best.
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