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Requirements for Private Jet Flight Attendants

Jun 2, 2008
The requirements for private jet flighty attendants are the same as they are for regular flight attendants. This is because in order to become a flight attendant you must pass the rigorous training provided by airlines.

Some of the major airlines have their own training facilities and those who don't use the facilities of these airlines. The training lasts about 12 weeks and you aren't considered to be a flight attendant until you have completed and passed every component of the training.

While the minimum education requirement is graduation from high school, more and more airlines are only accepting applicants with some college or university training. There are colleges who do offer courses in flight attendant training, but this does not take the place of that offered by the airlines. Many of the flight attendants have university degrees or experience in the medical field.

Some have training as firefighters or police officers. This education gives the flight attendants experience in dealing with emergencies, especially today in the light of all the terrorist activities that have taken place.

Emergency training includes being able to give first aid and being able to quiet unruly passengers who can also disrupt other passengers. Airlines fee that applicants who have had life experience in a job or as s student in university are more mature than those just graduating from high school and a re better prepared to cope with stressful situations, should they arise.

Once you do pass this training, then you qualify for a license as a flight attendant. This is a requirement by the government agency handling matters related to aviation in all countries. In the US, this is the FAA and in Canada it is Transport Canada. In addition to having good grooming habits and not being overweight, you will have to pass a physical exam. The airline will also do a thorough background check to make sure you do not have a criminal record. In addition, you will need to have a passport for flying to international destinations.

Once you meet all these requirements and are certified as a flight attendant, then you can look into the possibilities of becoming a flight attendant on a private jet. Prior experience dealing with passengers in the first-cabin of a passenger jet is an asset, but it is not a requirement.

It is important that you have culinary skills and knowledge of proper food handling techniques. While there is no certification as a private flight attendant, there are courses you can take on your own to give you the skills you need. In addition, the companies that cater the food for these jets will also provide training in how to arrange the food on the plate, what wines are best served with the foods and how to make sure you make the plates look attractive. The courses are costly, but they are only about 5 days in duration and could give you a great raise in salary and a great job.
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