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Expanding My Business To a New State

Jun 2, 2008
Recently my company experienced tremendous growth. We are now servicing customers in our entire state and just received several large contracts in a neighboring state. With this exponential growth I have decided to expand and establish an office in this new territory. I began researching corporate relocation. I wanted this to run as smoothly as possible and minimize my costs to maintain my profit margin.

Establishing a new office in another state takes time and organization. The first step is to research business requirements in the new state. This includes required business licenses, professional licensure, state tax laws and assistance for those employees who would be transferring to the new location. The key to a successful move like this will be to ensure the satisfaction of all employees involved. I enlisted the help of a company that specialized in corporate relocation.

This company was able to provide a number of services to the employees who are being transferred to the new state. They assisted with the sales of their homes, locating new homes, moving companies and gave everyone a single point of contact to use. This made the advanced team feel comfortable with their decision to accept their new assignment. I appreciated the invoice auditing services. I had authorized payment to the various moving companies, realty services, and other necessary services to make this transition as effortless as possible.

Corporate relocation takes quite a bit of organization. I established small teams within the advanced team. The first team was assigned to establish a location that would be convenient for traveling between both offices. The second team was responsible for obtaining all proper licensure for the business, employees and establishing our general business presence. One team was established to purchase the necessary office and service equipment. We wanted to provide a few employment opportunities in our new location. So it required an established human resource team.

After three months of planning, construction of new offices, preparing employees for their move and hiring some additional staff from the locality the move began. The corporate relocation company that we were using for our employees had hired top real estate agents that worked closely with everyone and most had sold their homes and purchased new ones. Moving companies were carefully packing and loading personal belongings. I received invoice audits for review to ensure proper payment. The new human resource team acquired the necessary accounts to ensure continued medical and financial benefits.

Finally we completed corporate relocation. All employees old and new were established in the new office building. Services went uninterrupted, customers were pleased, employees were satisfied with their decisions and we were granted more contracts it another state. The ordeal of opening yet another office loomed before us. We felt confident that we could do this again. We have already established a handbook for our company that will make this next transition go as smoothly as the first one.
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