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5 Ways to Mega Mojo Sales Online

Jun 2, 2008
It's the little details that can have the biggest impact on your sales. Here are 5 common sense tips to destroy competition, gain more sales, and create life-long customers.

1. Put "you" into your sales. So many online business owners maintain a similar tone in their ad copy. You're an Internet entrepreneur; express yourself in your marketing. Don't be afraid to be you. Your prospects want to catch and feel your enthusiasm, your authenticity. People will buy all the time if you can nail those two traits down in your marketing.

You wanted to be an entrepreneur online and it does involve putting yourself out there a bit. Most marketers hide behind their site. Step out; the breakthrough in your business will be noticeable. People will buy from you over the next person if they feel they get you, while the competition continues to hide and stay generic and vanilla.

2. Your story is unique to you. Weather you use your story in an email campaign, your web site or your 'thank you' note to your new customer, just use it. Find a place to use an aspect of your past experiences. Let them know where you were before you had the product or business opportunity, and how it specifically changed something for you.

Consider sending out your resources email, or add them to your website. This is your "personal recommendations" for products and services that have helped you. Include your affiliate links to them.

3. Follow-up with the customer on each sale, not just the first. You are forming trust and a relationship. A 'thank you' goes a long way. Want to blow their minds? Don't sell anything in the thank you.

Tell your new customers that if they refer two or three customers to your web site, they can get a rebate on their purchase price. This will turn one sale into three sales, and you never even had to use the affiliate program on them.

4. If your business involves shipping product, you now have a vehicle of entrance right into their home-based business. Shipping is a form of direct sales; don't let the opportunity be missed. You create an impression with each package you send out. The quality should represent you and your business. The extra dimes will go a long way.

In the shipment to your customer, include a free product with their order. Let them know somewhere what the perceived value of their free product is worth. You can include a flyer for other products. Tell them, "here is something else you might like" or, "customers who bought that also got these products from me".

Include a coupon for these other related products you sell, and this will attract them to buy more from you.

5. If you were in a shop and the owner was selling you something, chances are a conversation would start up. The shop owner might ask you, "What do you do?" What kind of power is there when you take an interest in someone else? It is a long lasting bonding agent. Customers will stick to you.

Find a way to relate to your customers. Ask questions and you'll know how you can help them further.

In the long run, since a customer should be for life and not for a single sale or two, the interest you take will only multiply out the sale you just made, for others ahead.
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Steve Tash has 15 years in Relationship marketing, owning businesses online, and in the Entertainment and Fashion industries. Discover his best system to creating automated wealth online at: http://www.Job-Kill.com
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